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  1. TSN/RS246 Monday 17th April

    I'd love to be able to make it, but I'm overwhelmed at work at the moment, and it doesn't look like bank holiday Monday will be too much of a holiday
  2. Hotel/apartment recommendations in Paris

    Thanks Mac, but getting my wife above the first flight of steps on the Eiffel Tower would be a feat in itself! I think we may just admire it from a distance
  3. Hotel/apartment recommendations in Paris

    Thanks for all the tips guys - I'm saving the info up.
  4. Hotel/apartment recommendations in Paris

    Thanks guys - keep 'em coming (the personal recommendations that is, not the dog turds )
  5. I'd like to take the wife away for a long weekend in Paris later in the year. Can anyone recommend a good hotel or apartment, near the centre, which isn't going to break the bank ?
  6. Original R32 Alloy - Only 67?

    IIRC, European R32's were shipped with both Ronal and OZ wheels. Not a bad price, and I could do with a couple of these myself, but don't have the spare cash at the mo. Besides, Mauvey will up the price to beat me anyway
  7. cheap [hardcopy] photo procesing?

    We use the local supermarket and have had no problems with them at all.
  8. Best place for mobile phones

    I got my SIM-free K750i from FonePlanet, but they were rather slow in delivery (although they did part-refund the delivery charge in the end). You could also try OneDayMobile - they're probably one of the cheapest around, and delivery is included. Carphone Warehouse often also offer good prices online, and you may be able to get them to match another online price, which is also helpful 'cos then if the phone goes wonky, you can take it into a shop.
  9. Open source equivalent to Outlook?

    Oh and with respect to the calendar, Firefox used to have a premlinary calendar implementation in it, but that appears to be no more. See here[mozilla.org] for details of the work going on in this area.
  10. Open source equivalent to Outlook?

    You can specify multiple outgoing servers in Thunderbird - it's just that they didn't make it terribly intuitive to add them. Bring up the "Account Settings" window and scroll to the bottom of the account list on the left-hand side. At the bottom should be a line which says something like "Outgoing Server (SMTP)". Click this and in 1.5 you will see a list of SMTP servers to use. You can add/edit or remove servers in the list. Once you've added a new outgoing server, click on the account you want to change and (again in 1.5), the outgoing server is shown in a selection box at the bottom of the preferences. If you're not using Thunerbird 1.5, why not? (Just kidding). In previous versions, the UI for adding a new outgoing server was slightly different as was the UI for selecting which server to use for an account, but they are still reached by pretty much the same method I've given above. Keep up the good work!
  11. SecurID

    The battery in my SafeWord card is still going now after over 7 years! Because these systems are time-dependent, the servers normally will check for tokens within a time range if there's no immediate match (if that makes sense). So, normally, it's very difficult for the token-generator to get completely out of sync. I agree with Chris in that it is probably a clock issue on one of the servers (assuming you have a replicated SecurId server) - or you have a faulty card. BTW, I assume when this fault happens, you've generated more than one token to try to log in ?
  12. Visa for Israel

    Thanks for the replies guys, but my travel agent has said that I don't need one unless staying for over 90 days (thankfully!).
  13. Visa for Israel

    As a UK citizen, do I need a visa to visit Israel (on business).
  14. Online diary

    Not tried any other than at work, but try Googling for "free calendar" too - that may get you a bit more.
  15. Very 'newbie' broadband questions

    I don't think it'll make much difference whether your USB port is v1.0 or v2.0 as it will still be faster than your broadband connection.