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  1. I need some rubber

    Uniroyal rainsport 2's are looking favourable, good deal at my local garage and good reports too
  2. I need some rubber

    Volvo v50 2.0d I've got kumhos on the front and pzero's on the back as it stands but I've only had the car 2 months
  3. I need some rubber

    I unfortunately need 4 new tyres and they're 215/45/18 93W which aren't cheap! I want to make sure I get the right ones as the tyre places just throw big names at me. I mainly do motorway and a road driving with a bit of twisty lake district road drives thrown in. I want a good all rounder really. Any suggestions?
  4. Volvo V50 2.0d

    Drove very well, deposit paid
  5. Volvo V50 2.0d

    Cheers cabby!
  6. Volvo V50 2.0d

    I1m going to view a 2007 SE sport V50 tomorrow with high mileage but it`s immaculate. Anybody know of any common faults I should be looking out for/ Cheers
  7. Nice ride. I'd ditch the tyres as soon as the dry ground disappears, I'd recommend you look at endura humvee shorts. Great value for money. The fitter you get the more you'll enjoy it and it'll take over your weekends! Enjoy
  8. I`m a big sound lover. I could quite easily buy an ugly car that drove like a pig if it sounded right! V8 engines are music to my ears. I`ve found just a few of my favourites, post up your faves or recommendations for me to search and listen... Love the burble and the old school roar! Video doesn`t do this justice but you get the picture Porn... YouTube - EVO - Pagani Zonda R on the road
  9. Post a pic of your car

    That... is a peach!
  10. I find 2 of the most important things to look for are brakes and forks. I'd recommend hydraulic disk brakes rather than cable discs, and either rock shox or fox forks and you should be safe. I started off with a GT avalanche 1.0, the bike was a cracker for £600 but the forks were pants! And they're one of the most expensive components to upgrade so look for a good set that aren't damaged or leaking. No doubt you'll spending all your spare cash on it soon, I upgraded to a lapierre zesty and realised just how much difference good forks can make!
  11. Volvo V50 2.0d

    Good answer, cheers for that!
  12. Worst car you've ever owned ? + pic.

    It wasn`t a car I owned and couldn`t bare to look at it long enough to take any pictures. When choosing my first company car I demo`d quite a few different models... The Dodge Caliber diesel was one of them, JEESUS CHRIST! As soon as the turbo kicked in, the front would lift up, arse would drag along the road and the steering wheel would be rendered useless! The interiour plastics looked like they belonged in a childs board game... Truely awful car!
  13. Volvo V50 2.0d

    Evening all... first post from me, and needing to pick your brains. I currently drive a 2008 Saab 9-3 TDI Vector. It`s a company car and I`m hopefully getting a new job soon which dosen`t come with a car so I`m looking at getting my own car. Top of my list is a Volvo V50 2.0d (sport or SE). There`s no kids involved, just me and my girlfriend. We go camping, mountain climbing, I go carp fishing and mountain biking so an estate is pretty essential. My concern is, I read a couple of reliability reviews on the V50 which were poor, my sister has the V40 on a 53 plate and raves on about it, even though it`s now done nearly 200k! Does anybody have first hand experience that will put my mind at rest? I have a back up list of: Audi A4 Avant 2.0tdi S Line Saab 9-3 1.9tdi (150bhp) estate Vector Maybe a BMW 320d Touring I`m looking at approx 5-6 years old and a budjet of approx 6-7 grand Cheers