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  1. D3 Gearbox

    the missus often uses cornflour to thicken sauces. I'll pop some in the gearbox.
  2. D3 Gearbox

    Eh? I've just had the oil renewed. You saying they fitted old oil???
  3. D3 Gearbox

    So i bit the bullet and paid £400 for the box oil to be renewed. Actually made the issue considerably more apparent. They then said there was a software update available so I felt I had no choice but to go for that too at £300. Made no odds apparently. Brilliant. They are saying now it must be a proper gearbox fault which obviously I cannot even entertain. But if its an issue with the box, why would replacing the gearbox oil make it worse??
  4. Wheels (offset)

    Nah, I think I want to stick with 18s, and I'm not sure I like the ones that come on it. You know, the ones that are also trying to hide. Have a look at Golf R ads with 18s. They need to come out at least an inch at the rear and the fronts also need to be brought in to line. I'd just like to do it with wider wheels, not just spacers. So options are (and this is question too): 1. Stick to standard wheels and hope I like them, and run a set of spacers all round. 2. Stay with 7.5 but with a different offset? 3. Run wider wheels.
  5. Wheels (offset)

    Ian, you know too much about Audis. I was wondering how the ones I saw were 8 wide yet most of the others are 7.5 Great I thought, I'll get the 8's. But they wear the same 225s. How does that work? So what about some A5 wheels Ian, 8.5 with offset of 29?
  6. Wheels (offset)

    even these...
  7. Wheels (offset)

    You know it's really rather hard to know what will look good until you see them on the car. They could look awesome yeah. I'm tempted by these:
  8. Wheels (offset)

    So an 8" wide wheel (either 18 or 19) with an offset of 39 sounds like it could be the way forward. There is a 19" option available from new on the R, as follows: VW Pretoria Golf R rims 8x19" (inch) ET50 (offset). So that wheel would sit further inside the arch to what is mentioned above?
  9. Wheels (offset)

    Yes. Mk7 R Estate. Yes. But will sell it once the Golf is ready. Yes. But I bottled it. It was a good deal, but still big money and still not an S7. Hopefully in the next 12-24 I might be in position to go for the S.
  10. Wheels (offset)

    Can someone help me understand how this works please? In turn it will help me work out what wheels to buy. The car in question (Golf R) comes with 7.5 x 18 wheels, with offset ET45. They sit too far in IMO, so whilst spacers would be an option, I'd rather wider wheels. Seems a shame to use spacers when we could have wider boots. So say I found an 8" wheel or even a 9" wheel, what offset would they need to be to work, remembering I want them to sit further out. People talk of 20mm spacers on the Mk7 golf but I'd probably sooner go with the equivalent of 15. PS. I also don't like the 18" wheel (Cadiz) hence I'd be keen to change them (I think).
  11. New car treatment

    Well good news and bad news on that front... The good news is an S7 is still on the cards because I haven't bought an A7. Instead, to bide me some time I have signed up for a Golf R estate on one of those cheap cheap 2 year lease deals. The wifes car goes back in 11 months time so if I don't fancy keeping it for the full 24 I might treat her.
  12. New car treatment

    I'm not necessarily interested in anything the dealer has to offer, but I wonder if any of these glaze treatments are worth doing? Or is it better to stick with traditional car care? I've seen some great pics of cars that have been treated with Gtechniq Crystal Serum and it looks awesome. But is it actually any good/worth it?
  13. New car deals?

    I'm about to order an A7 with similar discounts but it's a 4 month wait! Something to look forward to I guess!
  14. Am I mad?

    Great. I wonder how many scorching hot lease deals I'll see whilst I wait!!!
  15. SQ5

    As per the BiTdi A6/A7? which incidentally I drove yesterday and it sounded good. I'm still getting the petrol one tho!