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  1. A3 test drives: findings and questions

    [ QUOTE ] I do like the look of the S Line, exterior and interior. However, I just fear that the ride might be too firm, due to sportier suspensions and 18"/low profile tyres. Maybe not ideal for a day to day use... Do you know if the suspensions on the Sport models are stiffier on the 3dr than on 5dr? I think I read somewhere that the 3dr had slighly stiffier suspensions. The A3 3dr S Line I drove had a much stiffer steering also. Not sure if it was a specific setting on the S Line, or if it was due to the tyres. [/ QUOTE ] The S-Line does have stiffer and lower (about 15mm I think) suspension than the sport. However, I've never found it to be 'too stiff'. I'd say it's firm, but not harsh.
  2. Interior Rattles

    I had various, one from the dash under the steering wheel which was just a loose bit of plastic (good thump sorted it), the pushy in bit at the end of the handbrake rattled (I put some tape round it), the main one sorted by the dealer was a loud rattle/bang from around the back seats when I hit a bump, not sure what they did to resolve it though.....
  3. New A3 Interior

    I've been well impressed with the standard stereo, in a different league compared to even the upgraded one in my old Mk4 GTI 1.8T. My boss has the Bose in his TT, but to be honest I can't really tell that much difference between the two. Obviously you do get the cool logos though...... I'd definately recommend DSG. Most of the time I just leave it in D, which is pretty relaxing, I've actually found that it makes me much mellower behind the wheel! I get home from the busy drive back from work feeling quite chilled... But, if I come across a nice quiet country B-road somewhere I just stick it into manual mode and have a blast around. Sport mode is handy for quick takeoffs from roundabouts and traffic lights (or all the time in London), but that's pretty much all I use it for. I used to drive regular auto's in Australia, but went back to a manual when I came back over here. I don't think I could get something without DSG now!
  4. Interior Rattles

    I was suffering with a really annoying rattle from around the glovebox during the cold weather (it's cleared up now). Looks like it was due to the plastic and aluminium catch expanding/contracting at different rates. I just popped into Walton Audi who supplied the car (via the lease company) and they were really helpful. One of the technicians came out for about 10 mins with me, but of course the car and interior had warmed up by then so the rattle had stopped. I didn't even call to arrange, just popped in on the off chance. The tech said I should try an get it into a dealer when it's rattling if possible. Otherwise they said I could leave it with them overnight and they would check it out in the morning when cold. Obviously it's not a problem now, but if it happens again next winter I'll get them to sort it out. I also had a couple of rattles with my old Mk4 Golf GTI 1.8T, and my usual VW dealer sorted them out at no charge during a normal service.
  5. A3 spoiler and chrome mirrors?

    They sound like some of the chromed plastic ones I've seen kicking around. Obviously they are loads cheaper than the proper aluminium ones, but I'm not sure what the quality is like?
  6. iPod link

    I've got the Dension ICELink thing for my iPod and it's really good. Definately recommended!
  7. I've heard that the mk5 Golf interior quality has dropped significantly over the mk4 (which I had before the A3). I'd say the A3 is definately a step up, even from the mk4. Also, the mk5 Golf seems to be really common already, you won't be able to move for them in a year or two.
  8. 160mph and STILL going!!!

    [ QUOTE ] 160mph is not smart but sure is hell fun!!!!, i mean did everyone here buy a S3 to drive like a granny, no I dont condone speed as Ive been caught in the past but in the right circumstances where possible, speed may only kill the driver and he's the one in control and if no risk to anyone else then so what, chances are few and far but ive done it once but it wasnt in my s3 in fact even tho i think it would be poss i wouldnt like it, im not sure what im trying to say but i guess its something like theres a time and a place for everything? [/ QUOTE ] Someone else is always involved, whether it's grieving friends and relatives, or your family who need to feed you, wash you and change your nappies for the rest of your life.
  9. 160mph and STILL going!!!

    Here's my 10p worth, bit of a reality check to think about... Visited a friend of mine in hospital the other day after he lost control racing his mate at about 100mph and sustained some horrendous head injuries. He's just turned 18 and was one of the most promising wakeboarders in the country, competed at the worlds etc, he's going to be really lucky if he's able to take care of himself for the rest of his life, let alone do anything else. Ok, he wasn't driving anything as stable or tough as an Audi, and hasn't been driving as long as most of us have. But, we still don't know what caused the accident, could have been a tyre blow out, mechanical failure, or just driver error, all of which can happen to even the best car and driver. Rolling any car without a cage, harnesses and helmeted driver, at 100mph plus is going to be very messy, it's a miracle he got out alive (he was given 30% chance of survival initially). Is it really worth risking spending the rest of your life completely dependent on others, unable to do any of the things you love (like driving!), for the sake of proving to someone that you've got the faster car? As other have mentioned in this thread, take it to the track and get involved in proper motorsport. Having raced motocross for years, I promise you that you'll get a way bigger rush from battling with someone on the track than you'll ever get on the road, without all the guilt afterwards!
  10. ipod

    I had mine fitted by Thames Car Radio in Egham, £199 all in. I didn't really have any idea what to do and didn't fancy wrecking the interior of a two week old car. They did a fantastic job, and give a 12-month parts and labour warranty, so I was happy with the price. Mine is fitted with the bracket which is mounted down the side of the air-con unit (they would have had to have taken that out to fit the bracket, definately not something I'd want to go near!). It's not screwed to the dash anywhere, so you could remove it without leaving a trace.
  11. ipod

    Sorry, don't mean to stitch you up here Rob! I got an iTrip from the states about 18 months ago but really didn't get on with it. At home I'd tune it into one of the very few free frequencies, but by the time I'd got to work that frequency would be occupied and I'd get crappy/no audio. I couldn't find any frequency that would work for my whole journey to work, and it's not really practical to re-tune it while driving (safely!). I think it would be great out in the sticks where there are fewer radio stations, but around here (west london) it really doesn't work I'm afraid. I've had one of the Dension ICE Link iPod things fitted recently and it's amazing. I had mine fitted professionally as I didn't fancy pulling the interior of my new car apart, cost me a bit more but they did a fantatsic job.
  12. Picking the interior - options.

    I've got the black/black combination, mostly on the basis of practicality. I really liked the look of the silver/black at first, but I do loads of outdoors stuff (surfing, canoing, biking etc) so it stands a pretty good chance of getting dirty. I don't really find it too dark with the black headlining, but I really like the dark interior anyway. Personal choice really I guess....
  13. Accelerator on new A3

    I've just noticed on my new A3 something slightly odd at the end of the travel on the accelerator pedal. Basically I push the pedal all the way down (or so it seems) but if I push a bit harder I seem to get an extra 1cm or so of travel (and associated power) after a slight clicking feeling. It feels like it's designed to be like that, rather than being broken, but it's the first time I've come across it on a car so wondered if it's normal or something weird with mine? I thought maybe it's a safety feature, in that you have to consciously push past that point (which is probably about 90% throttle) to get 100%? Anyone else noticed this. Cheers!
  14. It's arrived!

    The iPod plugs into the Dension thing (see, that's connected to a bracket that comes out from the side of the climate control unit. The Dension thing is connected straight into the back of the head unit so quality is spot on. They did a really good job of the install, I'm really, really glad I didn't try to do it myself. Although I'm quite mechanically minded, I think I would have spent all day at it and just ended up stressed and surrounded by bits of broken Audi. I guess you'd need to remove both the head unit and the climate control unit to get the connections and the bracket installed, which is more than I'd be prepared to do to a two week old car! Including fitting and all the mounting bits it came to £200 inc VAT.
  15. It's arrived!

    Just had the Dension iPod ice-link fitted by Thames Car Radio in Egham, it's absolutely amazing! Would definately recommend the Dension, and TCR for fitting, if anyone's looking to use their iPod in the car.