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  1. Housekeeping / Rent v Man boy

    I was allowed to keep my first wage then had to pay although my parents did need the financial support and I never felt hard done by,so I say if you dont take any keep then cut him off and let him pay for his own phone ,ect.... at some point you wont be there to help him out, he needs to start learning to stand on his own feet
  2. Posh Mondeo with quilted seats!

    destined to fail but some tosser of an exec will get a big bonus for pushing it through
  3. Guess this car.

    capri mark2 3.0ltr
  4. good call based on a mondeo platform and a nice drive , parts are very expensive if things do go wrong though
  5. still complaints of noisy chains on 2012 models although bmw claim they are no longer likely to snap just rattle like an old truck, from late 2009 they made changes but still the way bmw are dealing with the issue doesnt instill confidence, just look on or one of the other dedicated bmw forums, I have decided not to let it worry me and just enjoy my car as all of the failures seem to be at 80k and beyond and my car has only done 30k, but will be serviced every year rather than on demand and I keep turning off the stop/start to reduce the strain on the chain
  6. I would avoid the 2.0 litre bmw diesel engine the N47 is getting a rep for eating engines due to timing chain failures, only found out after buying my 1 series
  7. The V8 has moved over.

    you wont be eating 7 days a week if the vw forums are to be believed mate the engine may be bomb proof but!!!!!!
  8. Aston & Zagato at it again!!!

    its not good when they are borrowing idea's from Citroen with the chrome strip along the bonnet but strangely I think I like the retro look
  9. When Peugeot used to make real cars!

    mates dad had a 305 first french car i had any experience of and it was a pleasant surprise all aluminium engine very nippy car and never broke down once and we ragged it everywhere ah happy days
  10. Just had a vasectomy

    I thought the same many years ago when I had mine till the pain started after a couple of days and continued for about the next 6 years , turns out they cut through a nerve or tied off a nerve one or other,should have known better than going for the snip at 6.45pm on a Friday night, treatment included anesthetic injections to the tubes very painful for a couple of seconds then like superman for the rest of the day could have dropped a slab on them and would'nt have noticed lol
  11. BT Vision and Broadband

    who left the modem on your doorstep, the openreach engineer, I cant believe that, well I can, mobile workforce are a joke under trained, mostly ex army boys but no motivation for the job and loads of hassle off some **** of a manager who they have zero respect for and I dont blame them.but bt have paid for a managed install to fit a adsl face plate and remove any star wiring or other problems that you may have with extension sockets with capacitors and fit an adsl kit to get a cat5 to your tv for the vision
  12. Kia Sportage - taking over the UK?

    think that will be some years off , but my nephew is a service manager at the local honda dealers who have a kia dealer stuck on the end and they are planning to be the number one manufacturer in 10 years they want everyone driving kia and hyundai, and last year in Canada I noticed they are well on the way as all i saw where korean cars but they have a fair bit more variety of models over there
  13. Any experience of Chaucer Direct Car Insurance?

    what do you do for a living ,it can have a big impact maybe try a play on words for your job title and see what it does
  14. Slow speeds over wireless

    It could be another wireless source in the house like cordless phone interfering with wifi or just a duff router, you could try turning the wireless off in the new router and try a second router as a wireless point to see if it improves things. What are you using to check the speed on the laptop speed test sites are not very reliable to judge speed
  15. Automotive investments ?

    although with the E30 cab you have to consider all the bodily fluids that have been expelled all over the interior, if the top gear test results are to be believed and not forgetting enough traces of coke to get you into trouble