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  1. Juddering/ jerking

    Hi fellas, I'm hoping some can answer some issues I am having. E39 2001 M530d auto, driving experience is second to none, however, when creeping in traffic jams & junctions the car judders. It feels like the revs are constantly rising and falling thus making to car jerk about but the revs aren't rising and falling. HELP!
  2. To decat or not decat?

    I know "friendly" MOT people.
  3. To decat or not decat?

    So the turbo won't self destruct?
  4. To decat or not decat?

    I have an Audi A6 1.8T 1999 model, it requires a new exhaust, what would be the repercussions of decat-ing it at the same time? Does the turbo require the back pressure of the cat, so it doesn't self destruct within 10 miles! Posting in this forum as it's more of a generic question. Thanks.
  5. Servicing

    Is there a section on this site for servicing? What to do at different intervals etc on each model? Search didn't reveal much! Or can someone point me in the direction of the desired information on an Audi A6 1.8T? Thanks.
  6. Headlight bulbs

    Can anyone tell me the model of the dipped beam bulb & headlight bulb inan Audi A6 1999 model? I think the dipped beam is H1?
  7. Pixelated dash issues

    Must be an easy fix - dry joints etc. Get better in heat.
  8. Pixelated dash issues

    Does anyone know or have a link to repairing a pixelated LCD dash display in an Audi (1999) A6? I am confident playing with component level electronics etc - if that's the fix.. Thanks
  9. Tuning chip A6

    Does anyone know the pro/ cons of eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Thanks.
  10. Couple of issues I hope someone can help

    Thanks, will try in the morning and report back.
  11. Couple of issues I hope someone can help

    Unfortunately it didn't work )-:
  12. Couple of issues I hope someone can help

    Thanks buddy, I'll give it a go and report back.
  13. Hi all, I took the plunge and purchased an A6 today. It's a 1999 "T" A6 1.8 Turbo and on the whole I am very happy with it, however, I was cleaning one of the keyfobs this evening. I removed the battery cleaned the fob and reassembled it - guess what? The keyfob doesn't work any more. Is there a standard programming procedure to get it operational again? Also, the drivers lock doesn't operate on the keyfob but all the others do - is this common? Maybe just a drivers door motor required? Thanks so much.
  14. 2005 audi a4 s line t fsi cvt

    Thanks guys. It's sooo tidy, but I think I'll give it a miss, don't need a repair bill the same as the cars value!
  15. Hi, I'm new here - please go easy on me! Looking at purchasing the above Audi, never owned an Audi before. It has covered 86,000, FSH and current MOT. Is there anything I need to watch out for or avoid on this model?