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  1. BMW e60 2007 LCi Blaupunkt pnp harness

    One more quick one: one the manal it says 'as a feature +12v are now available...'. What does this mean?
  2. BMW e60 2007 LCi Blaupunkt pnp harness

    Nice one. I didn't get the manual with mine. Now all I need to do is put in the live and earth and enjoy! Appreciate all the help
  3. BMW e60 2007 LCi Blaupunkt pnp harness

    I did read them yes. Did your amp turn off immediately after turning off the head unit? And tell me about the harness behind the head unit. Almost gave up squashing it all in!!!
  4. BMW e60 2007 LCi Blaupunkt pnp harness

    Thanks for your reply. Yes the amp is in the boot and I'm going to add the power direct from the battery (with a fuse!) and earth it to the chassis. The only issue is I still need a remote wire to turn the amp on and off otherwise with a direct live from the battery the amp stays on after I've switched off radio and ignition! Am I correct in thinking I should get a connection from somewhere at the rear fuse box for the remote wire? Finding a wire which is only live when ignition is on? Appreciate your help.
  5. Hi everyone, Ive just installed the following to improve the dreadful basic sound: 1, vibe 4" components in front doors with tweeters 2, 8" earthquake subs under front seats 3, blaupunkt tha555 amp in the boot with the 5 meter harness Two questions: 1, the harness has + and - connections but I could only find the constant 12v live at the back of the stereo. The wire which said 'ignition 12v' (only come live when ignition is one) doesn't seem to do anything?! 2, where do I get a remote wire from?! I assumed I could use the head units power to power the amp. I connected the 12v constant live and earth to the pnp harnes and plugged in black and yellow plug into power socket on amp. This does power the amp but doesn't turn it off when I turn the car off! After reading online it seems I should power the amp with new heavier gauge (8 gauge) power cable direct from battery and a new earth but where do I get the remote wire to turn the amp on and off? I'm pulling my hair out here, please help?? Thanks in advance!