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  1. Audi A3 e-tron first impressions

    Thanks! I get all of the good gigs - I was there before it gained it city of culture status though, I'm sure it's much better now Tonight Edinburgh, except it's not. Staying in Leith...looks, um windswept!
  2. Audi A3 e-tron first impressions

    A somewhat shorter 12 month review. The car has now done 21,000 miles. It had 6,500 on delivery, so just under 15k miles in 12 months. That includes around 1,200 miles on a trip to France, 600 to Hull, 400 to Cambridge and 500 to Derby, in round numbers. The rest has been sub 100 mile trips, with the majority of them being sub 50 miles. The trip computer is now showing a long term average of 92mpg, which I think is impressive. On the longer journeys, which are covered in 'hybrid auto' mode but essential run as a 1.4 petrol it averages high 50s to the gallon. A 10 mile schlep from Smithfield market to the A23 at Croydon entirely on petrol as we'd exhausted the battery and the chargers in the car park at Smithfield market, while free, weren't working averaged 37 mpg. So I think those are the extremes from a petrol consumption perspective. Performance wise it's proved more than adequate. It'll reach 60 in well under 8 seconds - 7.6 from memory, and the DSG box is happy to respond to that use. Top speed is, I think, almost 140 mph. It's not been that fast!! It's also very refined - engine noise is all but inaudible unless really thrashed - it has an acoustic windscreen (whatever that is...) which might help. But often I have to rely on the indicator in the dashboard to let me know if the engine or battery is providing power, even when cruising at motorway speed. Not surprisingly, given it's only just over 2 years old, it doesn't rattle and feels new. I use a lot of hire cars while travelling, and they are generally new or newish. The A3 still matches them. It's also a far nicer pace to sit than lots of much more expensive cars. Yes it's ridiculously highly specified, some of which was optional, but the leather/alcantara seats have worn well (actually not worn at all), are comfortable and easily adjusted. Tech wise it's easy enough to use, the connected service is are useful and easily operated. Remote control of charging and ventilation is invaluable, the ability to send destinations to the car helpful and on-line access to news, weather and the ability to google locations is easily used and the google earth satellite imagery on the mapping looks great. It hasn't been the most reliable car we've ever owned though; while it hasn't broken down it's been back to the dealer twice, once to have a recalcitrant satnav fixed (it was convinced it was in Germany) and once for a replacement mechatronics (?!?) unit to be fitted to address a jerky gear change. Audi assist have also attended once to look at (and fix) and emissions warning light that had come on. But, Audi dealers (Brighton and Worthing) service has been absolutely first class and so while irritating the visits have never caused a problem. I'm sure it's continued to depreciate quite quickly, though for me that's almost irrelevant because the cars has been so good I genuinely can't think what we'd have had instead that would have been as satisfying. The tech will date rapidly though; it's sub 30 mile range in EV only mode is ideal for our use, but I'm sure will soon be laughable. Also, I happen to think in bright pearlescent red with black leather/alcantara seats, a panoramic roof, diamond cut 18" alloys and chrome highlights it looks great
  3. Venice....any inputs?

    Given that they claim to have more canals than Venice surely something can be done?!?
  4. Post a pic of your car

    Lovely day yesterday -a good job I eventually got round to having the winter wheels / tyres fitted
  5. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    I'd like to claim it was skill, but it wasn't. It was luck
  6. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    In Azures defence, the Michelins on the 235i are noticeably less grippy in cold / wet conditions than whatever tyres were fitted to the 520d I had a few years ago. That was quite happy in proper snow, never mind the pathetic conditions on the roundabout I almost lost the 235i. Which is a road that I've driven round in many RWD cars in far worse conditions than I experienced last week The absolute torque figures are, I think, fairly similar for both cars (well, within 20% of each other) though I've no idea what the actual torque curves looks like, but either way either way in normal use the car gets power down and feels more planted on the winter tyres than the Michelins on cold/damp roads. Though, on a dry sunny day like today when, for experimental purposes only, I floored it on an empty straight stretch of road it did struggle to get the power down Though, that's not the point of them really is it, and they're almost certainly not 'essential', but then neither's the car
  7. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    I have to admit that it was a cold / wet road moment that resulted in me fitting winter wheels / tyres. It was on an innocuous roundabout on the A27 / A29 intersection at Fontwell, at slowish speed. It's a largish roundabout, with a slight downhill slope when coming from the west and heading south. Which I was. I've driven round it literally thousands of times in RWD cars, diesel and petrol, BMW and Merc, manual and auto. Last Monday night, cold but just above freezing, and damp resulted in the most spectacular, though unintentional, drift round 270 degrees of it as I entered from the west and headed south. Complete luck that I didn't actually spin the car, so I decided that the michelins weren't best suited to winter conditions, even in the south
  8. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    Oh and not sure what my iPhone's done to that picture... but just look at the grip in Sainsbury's car park
  9. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    What did you do in the end AzureS3? I had a set of style 380/ fitted at the weekend, with continental tyres and the TPMS valves. The wheels were second hand (from and the sensors aftermarket. But they were coded to the car before despatch, and after reinitialising the system all working fine! They're 205/50/17, and feel more surefooted in wet conditions. Full throttle acceleration on dry roads on the other hand does highlight rather more twitchiness than on the 18" Michelins! Looks odd on 17" wheel mind you
  10. Coincidence!

    Registered at BMWs import centre at Thorne; mine was bought with a 'Friends and Family' discount (of 18% I recall, how things have changed. You'll get more than that through a broker now!). We're very close to the Rolls Royce plant at Goodwood
  11. Coincidence!

    In 2005 I bought a new car, a BMW 535d SE touring. Registration YE55XAL. Sold it many years ago. Today, in our car park at work I saw YE55XAK - what are the chances of that its a 520d M Sport Touring...
  12. LED Headlamps

    Our A3 has 'normal' LED headlights, and they are very good when dipped. Better than the xenons on the BMW. But mainbeam on the BMW is better. The Merc had what they called ILS (adaptive xenons with auto mainbeam) and that did modify the beam pattern on motorways, as well as transitioning gradually from full to dipped beam when you came up behind someone. It was never fooled by road signs (it had speed limit assist which read the signs, which might be why?) but motorway junction signs on unlit motorways could sometimes make them dip. I'd really like to try some of these new LED matrix type lights, but they still very expensive. They also weren't available on the 2 series
  13. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    Mind you, judging by the temperature the tyres reached *after* half an hours driving, perhaps I should fit winter's cold down here
  14. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    Worse than that, they seem to be 205/50/17!! Seems like it could be fun to me