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  1. iPhone 4S

    It's ridiculous having to turn off these things really. The 3 iPhones in our pool have behaved themselves, but battery life is definitely an issue on a lot of these things. The 830 pages, 12,400 replies and 1.4 million views on this Apple Community Thread shows the scale of this thing.
  2. iPhone and IP addresses

    If you have some decent managed switches, trace the source port of the mac-address. On a Cisco, you would use "show mac-address-table" to do this. This will tell you exactly where they are in your network. Even though you're sure they haven't, my hunch is someone has introduced a rogue AP.
  3. The TSN photography studio

    For any astro photographers, the largest full moon this year is due this weekend. Could be a good one, weather permitting.
  4. SD card question

    I agree with the above - in fact, if you follow most camera instructions/recommendations, they suggest memory cards are formatted since it reduces the chance of future file corruption. A quick format simply removes the file allocation table - a portion of a disk/memory card that tells the OS where the files are. I believe a full format writes zeros over the disk/card as well as deleting the FAT. Most devices will perform a quick format by default - which is more than sufficient.
  5. Canon 5D Mark III about to be released

    Has anyone used DigitalRev - I know they're based in Hong Kong, but forums seem to rate them. Prices on their 7D are approx £250 cheaper than anyone else. I'm just concerned with warranty issues.
  6. Canon 5D Mark III about to be released

    I'm not disagreeing, but please can you explain why.
  7. Broadband questions

    I can say that Be are very good. TalkTalk might seem good value - but I see many complaints about poor after sales support. I've not used them myself.
  8. Canon 5D Mark III about to be released

    Don't think the pricing has gone down too well looking on the forums - most people are saying not enough of an upgrade to justify the hike. The one thing that jumps out for me, it still can't shoot as fast as the 7d in terms of fps and the x-sync speed isn't as quick either. I appreciate it's got other benefits though.
  9. The TSN photography studio

    Some good stuff - are you on flickr?
  10. The TSN photography studio

    Yes - the mlu is definitely helpful - I've also got an infrared shutter release - so nothing is touching the camera. Speaking of celestial bodies - here's an HDR I've just uploaded - recently taken at Center Parcs (Notts) looking over the main lake:
  11. The TSN photography studio

    Yep - nice shape to that exposure.
  12. The TSN photography studio

    Thanks - I can just see the bank balance diminishing if I carry on reading. Here's some info copied from the flickr description: RAW mode Full Manual Manual Focus 300mm ISO 100 f/16 1/30 Mirror lock-up enabled Adobe Camera RAW to bring out surface details - some settings: Fill Light 0 Blacks 50 # this adds nice contrast Brightness +50 Contrast +50 Clarity +100 # pulls out surface details Vibrance & Saturation 0
  13. The TSN photography studio

    Sounds like a great setup. Best I've done so far with my Canon 75-300 is this. There's some nice crater detail on yours, in comparison.
  14. The TSN photography studio

    Nice pics - what are you using to capture these?
  15. Any network guys about?

    Will send pm.