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  1. New pants please

    Brown Bread I take it....
  2. New pants please

    Oh sh**t! Did I really write BREAK instead of BRAKE, it's old age you know and brain and fingers no longer work as they once did.
  3. New pants please

    Didn't see that at first but yes, the car/caravan had to break suddenly as it looks as though the car in front had virtually stopped.
  4. New pants please

    Bloomin' 'eck. The car/caravan were going slow and I guess the truck had nowhere to go and seeing as he struck the caravan at some speed it's going to be his fault for not paying attention (driving without due care and attention).
  5. Seperate CDW policy for hire Car

    We've used ICarhireinsurance for several years, never had to make a claim though!
  6. WiFi extension

    Can you let me have a little bit of your download speed please, I'll pay for the postage too? My max download speed is 1.4mb and often hovers around .9mb, if I try Youtube the everything else just stops - it's hopeless. I'm looking at 3G HSPA(+) as we've got a 4G mast up the road but it doesn't quite reach us but the 3G HSPA signal seems consistent at 12-14mb down and 10mb up according to OOKLA on my 'phone. I'll still keep the Orange package as it's tied to the home 'phone package so the Bouygues Telecom 3G service is an extra €30 pm and that's why I haven't signed on the dotted line as we're on a fixed pension and the cost of living here is not getting any cheaper.
  7. The £1k mobile phone

    Me too. My green S6 Edge still looks new and I won't be changing it until I really have too.
  8. Anyone tried hypnosis

    I tried it on 3 separate occasions with 3 different practitioners some years apart for a sleep problem that I had and it just didn't work at all as none of them could put me under, I guess my brain is just resistant to it somehow. I often wondered if that bloke on the telly could have managed it, the one that sorted out all sorts of problems for folks, I just remembered his name it was Paul McKenna. I did look him up at the time but he was too busy to do it himself then and his "service" was franchised out but if you really wanted him for a consultation it would be £1000+ plus an hour so it seems that his TV appearances were just marketing for his self-help books and franchises.
  9. Home Radio/MP3 player

    The "blurb" from the site says that that model has 10 station pre-sets?
  10. Insurance quote

    Hi Mort, You still in the Whangaparaoa area? Our daughter has moved from Tindall's Bay Road to Millwater (Timberland Drive) and a much nicer house although to my mind the rent is horrendous for what it is at around $800 a week!! We have been coming out to NZ mid-Jan to mid-Mar for a few years now but the exchange rates for £ to NZ$ is starting to hurt and rentals where we like to stay (Orewa Beach) are getting more and more expensive so don't know if we'll make it next January. I agree that insurance rates are cheap in NZ compared to UK and France where we are, my Jag XF costs €98 a month to insure here and the Kangoo around €56 a month.
  11. New Zealand

    Will be off on our annual 6 week trip to NZ at the end of January, can't wait. South Island is just so different to anywhere else I've been, the landscape is just stunning. Last time we went to South Island we flew into Queenstown from AKL and then hired a car and drove up the west coast to Foul Wind then across Arthurs Pass to Christchurch and flew back to AKL, that was about two weeks (one week in and around Queenstown including a long old trip out to Milford Sound). As far as rental cars are concerned around AKL we always use Go Car Rental, it's just personal preference, and we normally get issued a brand new Toyota Corolla auto. This time we have rented an apartment on the beach at Orewa north of AKL for the whole period so will stay local this time.
  12. So bloody slow!

    Very, very slow for me too. Was OK yesterday but took ages to login today and page loading is back to being somewhat sluggish.
  13. So bloody slow!

    Really, really slow to load pages for me too. It took over 50 seconds to get to this subject from the "unread content" page. (Macbook Pro Retina/ix quick search engine).
  14. Star Alliance to Aus

    Choice is somewhat restricted with Star Alliance and it depends on dates and class of travel too. I'd narrow it down to Singapore, Thai International and EVA Air but some people rate Turkish Airlines long haul business class as very good, business class on EVA Air is supposed to be very good too. Family have travelled economy on Singapore and rate it as very good. Just did a quick search for October and get £1242 in economy via Munich with Singapore airlines. The other choices look way too expensive for economy. That was MAN-MUC-SIN-MEL-BNE-SIN-MUC-MEL
  15. Cat5 or 6 for wiring up the house?

    I have three low on the wall behind the TV, one in the kitchen and in the main bedroom all running back to the router and switch in the office (4 ports on the router and 4 on the switch).