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  1. "Relay Crime" reality?

    We have had notices sent out detailing the crimes locally. They posted this URL for a pouch that blocks the RF: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Signal-Blocking-Wisdompro®-Shielding-Pouch-Black/dp/B071KVWTYZ/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1511001779&sr=8-4&keywords=pouch+of+car+key&dpID=51xv1aD0JSL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch No idea how good they are - I don't have keyless entry. Maybe get a lead lined front door?
  2. "Relay Crime" reality?

    4 ranger rovers taken in our small town (that I know of). Discovery taken late one night (around midnight). Reality! I know it is not limited to Range Rovers, but locally that seems to be what they are targetting
  3. CCTV might be getting hacked

    Find out what port it uses and either explicitly block it in your router or maybe redirect it to some unused IP address? Normally you wouldn't expect it to get through your router though
  4. Music streaming

    For spotify you can have 4 devices/people associated with an account but only one live and listening. So you can just have one account, download tracks online, hit offline and then listen offline. This is what we do in our family. (Saving £5 per month).
  5. Young persons' car insurance

    Sorry, been very busy. That was from when he was 17 and learning. It went up a small amount when he passed. It really is interesting just getting quotes on all sorts of cars just to work out how they bias their quotes. If you start to go to older cars the quotes start to go up. Fords seems more expensive. VW bit more. Seats more again. We live in Wiltshire, so probably quite a low risk - not in town. Didn't go with the cheapest, there seemed to be LOTS of horror stories of their black box draining batteries. Went with More Than's black box (Smart wheels???), seems quite good. But it does not like lots of short journeys, long journeys, but that is only one of the scores. He seems to be earning credit from his scores - I guess that means it will be taken off next year's quote (so probably pointless unless he renews with them).
  6. Young persons' car insurance

    Son has a mini one. Was one of the cheapest to insure. With a black box - more than insurance. You get web page updates almost straight away. Although it has come up with some funny numbers from time to time. Does not have curfew but does have a usage rating - which does not like you using it for lots of small trips. "Apparently" he is building up a discount for renewal. Black box was a necessity due to him racing push bikes and therefore 30mph is nothing to him. The absolute cheapest quote we got was for a Kia Picanto - ~£800 (versus £1k for the mini). But the car was newer. There is a definite reduction in premiums on the newer cars.
  7. I have a thule euroclassic 903 (I think that is the title) with 4 bike extending arm. Works really well when all the bikes are different sizes, it gets much harder to put the bikes on when they are all approximately the same size. Also mountain bikes are getting wider and therefore they tend to fowl each other more often. The newer ones tilt, which is nice. Friend has the more basic rack, where there are just hoops that you pull up and tie a strap to - looks more basic but works really well. If I was buying again I would try to go for something like that - although not sure if they do 4 bike version. Mine has a lock - would not trust any of my bikes on their out of sight - nice to have, but might give you false sense of security (depends on the level of bike attached!)
  8. Bought my son a Lenovo Yoga just over a year ago for around that amount - it is a really nice, light, sturdy laptop. Other son has an acer aspire, which is a good 3 years old - although very plasticky it has stood the test of time and has a nice keyboard.
  9. Installing Office 365 ProPlus over 2016?

    Not a full answer, but my kids have o365 with school and dropbox at home. All school stuff gets saved to o365 and personal stuff to dropbox. Their computers at home have onedrive on them, so files appear at home as you would expect. Leaving o365 with just their school stuff keeps it nice and separate IMO
  10. "Homework" Laptop - any suggestions?

    I refuse to buy HP since my old laptop will refuse to boot just because I chose to change the wifi card. Had lenovo's in work and they were good/solid/fine.
  11. Phone headsets

    If you mean to plug into a mobile then not sure. But I used Logitech h600 headset plugged into a computer, which really well. Could mute and walk around the office quite a distance (maybe 30m and through a wall). Battery was good. Quality was good
  12. BMW New vs Used

    My e61 averaged 28mpg the whole time I owned it. I believe the facelifted e61 would get 35ish. So 40 is theoretically possible.
  13. "Homework" Laptop - any suggestions?

    I bought my son a Lenovo Yoga i5 which is nice and light and small - it was reduced at the time in store (Currys?) Something like this: https://www.pcworldbusiness.co.uk/catalogue/item/N164130W?from=category&heat=title He has had it now for around one year and has had no issues.
  14. Mapped Network Drive Backup Thingamijig

    https://www.bvckup2.com/ This will do what you want, I have it installed on kids and wife's computers. Seems to do what it is supposed to.
  15. Kitchen Counters/Cabinets - where from?

    70% off list is achievable at howdens too