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  1. Countach kit

    Any idea on the AM model and what the black car in the background is?
  2. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    Talk is cheap, unlike VM. One day your marketing gurus might understand how annoying it is for customers of 10 years standing to get feck all back from VM. It pisses me off that new customers get deals, existing customers just get treated like cnuts. Just to rub salt in, they post out marketing for new customers to existing ones, what is that about? Why not have a customer loyality scheme / system for existing customers rather than reward new customers?
  3. S8 V10

    So thats now the family car for shopping, school runs, days out and requests by the bank manager to pop in for a chat
  4. Land Rover Parking issue

    Her's the graveside picture
  5. Land Rover Parking issue

    Someone parks on grave in Leicester. Someone else takes picture. Someone posts on here's just a few of the drivers reported bad driving incidents
  6. Holy cr*p, a car thread!

    I quite liked the 1.9 GTi I had. I had a race with a Nissan bluebird turbo, I claimed a win since I when across 15m of roundabout while he went round it.
  7. Football results today

    Did you manage to win your FF this year NNME? Was that due to gamesmanship, banter to the point of bullying, and you ending up in a FF league of one? How proud you must be of MUFC, a 2nd tier cup, a 3rd tier cup and 6th place in the PL. All that value from a spend of £528m in the last 5 years, now that really is special. £528m sowed, god knows how much in wages and you can't claim anything other than noddy cup results and qualification by a back door to the CL. Next season I will mainly be enjoying watching Man Utd do as well as Arsenal have, in the CL. If you get past the group stages it will be a worthy watch. Seeing you get battered by the top tier of European clubs has to be more fun than watching it happen to Arsenal.
  8. School trip dilemma

    If this bloke can deliver milk... When 3 million people commute to work every day in London you get a sense of the risk, near zero and being a bit fatalist, what will be will be. Nothing would stop me using a bar, a favourite restaurant, a venue in London- unless its closed
  9. Football results today

    Someone trying to make mischef? Ah well.
  10. Mini JCW 2015 F56 HUMONGOUS Spec

    Did you end up keeping the Caddy or are they old pictures? I know someone who had mentioned looking for a Caddy, hence the question.
  11. 720 Wop

    Yard picture suggests ONLY builders could afford it
  12. Quick urgent safety advice please

    Should be able to find water supply earth and at least confirm its connected.
  13. Quick urgent safety advice please

    Failed earthing, or lack of. Trapped cable flex. No earth on WHOLE system. Failing MCB. Could be anything, and without being on site.... Bonding isnt required for sinks, hasn't since 2008 due to RCD's on the board and main earthing for gas and water pipes 10mm within 600mm of gas meter and main water stop cock.
  14. Karcher: K2 or K4?

    Buy one of these, great if you want a silver car. 2000 psi of get the fck off my car, should get the car back to base metal.
  15. 720 Wop

    Stop trying to make it all sound "average", like a normal thing, it isn't normal, you're not normal. Tart