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  1. BMW M5 Review

    It's ****ing magnificent.
  2. Possibly about to do something stupid again...?

    Nah, it's stuff like lane departure warning, lane change warning, collision alerts and such. Am thinking of ripping it out and seeing if I can fit it to the Caterham. He should wish Maybe in a while. A long while...!
  3. Possibly about to do something stupid again...?

    F10 M5 Saloon S63 4.4i LCI Monte Carlo Blue Metallic Black Extended Merino Leather Service Pack from 14/04/2016 to 13/04/2021 20" 343M light Double-spoke alloy wheels Steering wheel heating Reversing Assist camera Bootlid operation. Powered Climate Comfort windscreen Dark Ash wood interior trim M Multi-function seats. Front Split-folding rear seats Lumbar support. Driver and front pass. Surround-view Internet Loudspeaker system - harman/kardon surround M rear spoiler Speed limit display Active Security package
  4. BMW M5 Review

    I think I may have set some kind of a record for the longest gap between test drive and purchase?
  5. Possibly about to do something stupid again...?

    No, blue. Waved goodbye to the Cayenne this morning, just agreed on this one
  6. Possibly about to do something stupid again...?

    No towbar. Probably wouldn’t be wise. The current M5s are 4WD but I can’t afford them (yes, I know the interiors are lovely…). F10 would be the choice, which is RWD*. *LIKE IT SHOULD BE
  7. Possibly about to do something stupid again...?

    Right! The Defender is working OK (*touches wood*) so the Cayenne is now up for sale. Roll up, roll up, you all know you want 440hp of Porsche handling in a practical package... Next step: bank the cash and hunt for an M5...
  8. 15 years of MK

    Pah. It's got a roof, doors and a windscreen. Luxury
  9. Possibly about to do something stupid again...?

    Still working on it! Have been insanely busy and the Defender has been playing me around, it needs a little more work to get it running just-so. Am also veering towards an F10 M5 after my family all looked at me in utter horror at the prospect of me getting a Mercedes. Master P suggested he might not get in and that I was nothing like old enough...
  10. Hi, it's me. Long time no post and all that. Sorry, been busy. Anyway, anyone remember a few years back when I asked if I was mad to think about getting a used Cayenne GTS? You know, the thread where I ended up getting a brand new one, after applying ridiculous levels of man maths? Well, the GTS has been absolutely lovely, but I've just had a rather tempting offer for it, coincidentally just after buying a rather special Defender. So my mind is saying that the Defender can take over the 4x4 and towing duties of the Cayenne and I can slot a nice road car in its place. But what to get? Now, I tested an E63 AMG some years ago, and liked everything about it apart from the price and a lingering suspicion that it would depreciate like a brick. So obviously the same logic now says to buy one that has depreciated. Early ones are £15k at independent dealers and from about £30k at main dealers. Anyone have an in-depth knowledge of the E-class AMG cars that they would liek to illuminate me with? Any particular model years/options etc to go for or avoid? And don't all just say "why not get a new one, the interior is much nicer". That's not happening. No. Definitely not. Not this time. I know, I know, this time is different. (£11k, V8, over 500hp ) Or any other suggestions? An M5 is tempting but I hear horror stories of used E60s, E39 seems to be classics now and priced accordingly, and F10s are a bit on the expensive side?
  11. RS3 - Saloon!

    8 series was always a "wow" car. That's... normal looking
  12. GLC 63S

    Most, maybe, but not all Fun, isn't it
  13. Post a pic of your car

    Not all of us. Yet