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  1. Inside Rolls Royce - CH4 9pm Tonight

    Admit I am very cynical these days, something I will try to change, but I have a lot of experience of the bad things in life and have been forced into a place I don't want to be and am struggling to get out. Point taken though.
  2. Inside Rolls Royce - CH4 9pm Tonight

    On the Bentley front - I did 1000 miles in 2 days in a mix of Continental GTs and a Flying Spur Speed in Eastern Europe. Faultless. Lovely cars. (There you go Mr Me)
  3. Inside Rolls Royce - CH4 9pm Tonight

    Some stuff, really I do, but my Rolls Royce experience was a bit of a let down given their marketing and brand positioning. I like Cake, a lot, but am critical of some and complementary of others - I like to compile a balanced view based on positive and negatives.
  4. Inside Rolls Royce - CH4 9pm Tonight

    Done the UK factory tour - everything turns up in BMW crates and gets put together like a giant kit. Shells come painted and complete etc. The one impressive bit was the laser layout and cutting of the leather, which is done over here. Impressive to watch. Amazingly, they don't have the best quality control either..... but thats another story....
  5. Audi RS4 seats - who are the real thieves?

    Given the Audi are flogging off RS4s at the moment with a £10k discount, its almost worth buying a new car....
  6. Someone didn't do their maths correctly.
  7. PH MegaHoon

    Meh.... There are better trips....
  8. Quicker for the customer and cheaper for Porsche AG to ship a whole engine ready to plug and go. Imagine the dealer recharge on getting their techs to finishing off the building of a GT3 engine (and the associated risk of people who don't do one everyday having a go).
  9. 'Investment' car...

    I think the Boxster (987) drives better than a 997 Carerra S. Yep, i said it... Plus you don't come back to your Boxster to find it all covered in phlegm or McDonalds packaging.....
  10. Its been going on for quite a while now. Customers have spent £100k+ on a car and then Porsche tell them not to drive it or its 'your risk' a month ago - a lot of them have not had a replacement vehicle etc etc They then keep you in the dark as to what's happening, and then yesterday announce that they will replace your engine for free 'at some point in the future'. An insider is saying that they have only just started testing the new con rod bolts, so that will take a while to finish and then the expectation is that they will build a handful of engines to start the swapping and then refurbish engines as they are returned to the factory, potentially re issuing with the correct engine number for paperwork for each specific car... Whilst its clearly the right thing to do to replace the engines, it has not been handled that brilliantly and they are already suffering lost customers. Plus any RS version will be put back until next year. It is a shame, as its a lovely car.
  11. Simon Cowell's new car

    Not a huge fan. For the money I'd have a bespoke Oak framed garage full of Real E-Types and a full time Jaguar mechanic, and a house for him to live in.
  12. 5th gear

    Same engine as the old, pre 2004, Mustang - with quite a lot of cutting the chassis to convert from front to rear wheel drive.... I remember a friend went out to buy a diesel Golf about the same week as MG went bust (2005 as I was in the US) and came back with a main dealer sourced, nearly new ZT260 for IIRC a bargain £13k....they were giving them away at the time, not huge sellers at the best of times, but then they were giving the entire range away by that point and boarding up the dealers. I remember it well as there was a lot of banter about Golf TDI v V8 as he had gone out looking for something economical.... He then asked me to send over lots of air filter bits and bobs and even researched a mustang exhaust - proper petrol head he was! Good lad!
  13. Australia GP Thread

    Red Bull Racing look like they are in trouble...... with JB getting 3rd place now!
  14. VW or Merc??

    Its a work van, so when stuff gets broken or worn, I'd rather pay VW prices than Merc. Other than that, I prefer the look of the VW to the Merc.
  15. New Golf R

    I'm going to have to clean my car and have some moody shots taken.... 17 days, 800 miles and no cleaning so far.