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  1. Audi Cocklight DRLs

    Taking delivery of me new sportline end of this month the new 204PS unit is awesome, a big step up from the 180 Bi turbo Just a pain that new motor needs feeding sheeps p1ss at every fill up !
  2. Boxing thread

    Haye attitude has always stunk the place out, no class his attitude towards VK during the build up to their fight was juvenile to say the least, and his performance even worse Bellews coments were right on the money, that if he had been knocked out Haye would have been slagging him off as basically not fit to be in the same ring as him He didn'teven learn after being spanked by the most underated cruiser ever, Carl the Cat Thompson, a boxer involved in some incredible fights including the great Chris Eubank I find it highly amusing that all the brown nosers at sky especially that twunt smith, never at anytime made reference to the fact that he had been stopped previously in his career by a crusierweight I had a hefty wedge on Bellew, as I likened Haye to a Grade 1 chaser who after injury and inaction, comes out expecting to the win the gold cup without breaking a sweat, Haye is way past his prime losing both hand speed and power, and he couldn't put the cat away even when in his so called prime Totally agree with Booster that hayes reaction after the fight was cringeworthy, the reaction of a desperate flash the cash clubber who is staring down the barrel of a P45 Have a sneeky feeling that VK is going to outpoint AJ with some slick boxing, as if AJ doesnt get him out of there going down the stretch you have to wonder how well AJ is going to deal with those last three rounds physically given his phenomenal muscle mass, could be gassing by the 10th if VK is still in there
  3. Audi Cocklight DRLs

    I find the Jag DRL's pretty much the worst on the road cant miss the feckin things wazzing up behind you,though I do have to say that Audi drivers do seem to lead the field when it comes to driving like complete cnut up your chuff end,and trying to overtake with all the aplomb and safety of an infant in posession of an AK A4's seem to be the worst offenders in that regard, it's actually got to a point where I am seriously considering chopping in the RS3 for another badge, drove my mates M2 the other day and I was suitably impressed, so a change could be on the cards
  4. Boxing thread

    Saunders should stay well clear unless they are paying him some stupid sum of money, but the match doesn't make any appeal as a boxing spectacle because everybody knows it is going to last about 2 rounds max Eubank junior v GGG is the fight I want to see, no interest whatsoever in BJS In regards to Vlad v AJ, I honestly think Vlad may be to clever and street smart for AJ at this stage of his career, thats why I think he wants to take the fight ASAP rather than wait for AJ to fully mature as a Heavyweight, you have to remeber Vlad is the master of not getting tagged, thats why Dr Steelhammer has been pretty cr4p to watch over the years
  5. VW Golf GTI Clubsport S lapped the 'Ring @ 06:47:19

    Matt any chance of a few more pics? particularly the interior, scaffolding and all would be interesting This model reminds me of the RS500 Fucus and how I was shafted by the local Ford stealer who took my £2K deposit and then turned around two weeks later and said they wouldn't sell me their demo car and then the cnuts at Evans Halshaw did exactly the same thing, they took their total allocation which was 7 cars I think and sold them off at private auction, therefore joe public only gets a sniff at flippers prices Exactly the same with this car, appears stealers & independent flippers took the majority of the allocation as I couldn't get one with anyone despite being well ahead of the official release date So Matt to dispel my "Internet vaccuous news" you have to sell me yours for £10 plus a years subscription to the Daily Fail
  6. Boxing thread

    BJS v GGG Total BS unless GGG has both hands tied behind his back and is only allowed to use his head and even then he would still win Nothing against BJS but it is about levels,and GGG is just stratosphere compared to BJS at FFL
  7. Boxing thread

    It's not only Boxing, the NFL have major issues with this and Rugby is rapidly catching up with the possible long term effects on players If you haven't already seen it, watch the excellent "Crash Reel" HBO Documentary which follows the catastrophic result of a traumatic head injury of a snow boarder at the top of his game
  8. VW Golf GTI Clubsport S lapped the 'Ring @ 06:47:19

    Matt.... you Jammy Barsteward you !!!
  9. Boxing thread

    I actually think Hye made some fair points about Eddie Hearn, during the pathetic trash talk fest that masqueraded as a pre fight press conference I also agree with everything Bellew said about Haye's last two "Fights" but then appreciate no one wants to fight Haye at the moment, as he has has no leverage from any perspective,soe knocks Bellew out and then what? Anyway not a single penny going on PPV anymore and knocking sky on the head come 1st January, in favour of Netflix for 10% the cost of sh1tty sky
  10. Boxing thread

    Current state of boxing match ups; AJ v ??.sorry but I cant even recall the next Horizontals name? Shelling out hard earned for PPV on this one, good luck with promoting that proposition Talk of FMJ v Pacman rematch Really? Sounds like a shoe in cure for life long insomnia Did Ward really win that fight against Kovalev? Definite draw for me as you could have called it either way Never thought I would say this, but Groves has impressed last couple of fights and good to watch
  11. Friggin'ell!

    What was that JC used to say about Portia's? Ah yes the car that tries its best to kill you Had a bl00dy good try by the looks of the aperitif
  12. RS3 - Saloon!

    Thing is, drive them back to back and you will definitively note the difference in the driving experience and set up of both cars In my opinion Golf R is a far better drivers car and is set up with that in mind, the S3 is slightly more of a GT set up and is the better all rounder,easier to live with if you like. But the Golf is just a totally better sorted 4WD drivers car in comparison to the S3, if it wasn't for the sh1te back up and service down here, would have serioulsy considered having one
  13. Football results today

    England what the e I think the problem maybe at the other end of the field? Jeebus I feel genuine sympathy for anyone who is an England fan, they are truly awful to watch and appear to be a totally rudderless ship for the last few years Harry should have got the job, despite his indiscretions
  14. Harry's Garage

    with an LS2 crate motor, 22" chromed alloys and a body kit from Halfords Oh and it would be worth many millions of yankee dollars at auction
  15. RS3 - Saloon!

    The dynamics of the Golf R are superior to the S3 period and also the RS3 So if you want a genuinely fast B road car R wins all day every day If you want something that does everything exteremly well, leather seats as standard and a far better build quality and service back up, then S3 Personally I dont get all the gripe with the RS3, its a superfast barge in a straight line and half reasonable in the bends with probably the best engine I have driven for many a year, why they dont stuff it into a three door Golf is a complete mystery as that would be an absolute hoot of a car, which would trump anything from Beemer or Merc in the hatchback sector All that being said the way sterling is dropping we will have to sell internal organs to afford anything from ze fatherland