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  1. I just bought a 2015 model A7 Quattro Black Edition

    Hi, yes the new 2015 model! It looks fantastic. The website has been updated for the new model and so has the brochure but there is some funny stuff going on with the options on website. Sometimes the enthusiasts on here work for the dealer network so can often provide some insight.
  2. I've just bought a new factory build A7 Back Edition 272PS Quattro - Daytona Grey (trading in my 3.0 TDI Quattro Black Edition A6 Avant). Very happy! Will be here in March 2015... a while to wait yet. Gone for the tech pack (you can't buy the HHD nav on its own any more as it comes with the HUD as well in the new tech pack) lighting pack and folding mirrors. Its already very well specified anyway so happy with the aditions. Then I went on the Audi UK website browsing at what I just bought and noticed that the seat storage nets at the back of the seats were showing as a £110 option. When you click on it it says its free so long as you buy the convenience pack (which confusingly is not even on the online configurator). Oh and then there is an option for a folding sun blind which has a price but when you click on it, it is also free with the convenience pack (£565 option). I checked the brochure - no mention of the sun blind and no mention of the seat netting. I rang the dealer - they have no idea either. He went and checked their 2015 demo car shipped by Audi UK (the one I test drove) and it has the seat nets, but no mention of any options on the spec sheet. Also other strange things like the car has the HHD sat nav, but not the HUD - which according to the brochure you can't buy on its own - has to be the tech pack. How can this be? HELP - what a bewildering array of options that seemingly never match between the website and the brochure. Don't even look at the same car in other countries websites where there is no mention of S-Line or Black edition in the US or the Netherlands. Why can't they just list out the options one by one and let you tick what you want or don't want instead of this 'pack' nonsense? So I said to the dealer all I want is the back of front seats storage nets. Its a simple question - are they included FOC as std spec or do I have to buy them? If I buy them are they £110 or do I have to shell out £565 along with a load of other guff I don't need. They are waiting on Audi UK to come back to them. If anyone has got any information that would be great, especially if there are any of you folks form the dealer network on here? Thanks! Other than this lack of info problem - the car looks amazing on the 21" rotors and Daytona is just simply one of the best colours available IMHO.
  3. What tyre pressures for A6 Avant black with 20" wheels?

    The tyre wear is good. I've done 14,000 since new and the wear is very good. Quattro tends to mince tyres but this is the most ive ever had out of a set. The fronts have worn a little more than the rears but its even wear. Ride is not punishing either. Although it has the lower s line sus (30mm lower not the 20mm sport version) the ride in this c7 compared to the 19"s on my previous c6 avant is worlds apart as that car would snap your spine going over a leaf. As for grip....yes its a big car but it just holds the road like a weapons grade vice. No complaints at all. As for the stealer they had to ring me back after talking to a mechanic which is where those silly pressures came from. So as suggested I will stick to door panel advice. There is a slightly lower psi for a lighter load so I'll be using that. Thanks for all comments. As usual stealer advice is nothing but guff.
  4. Hi all, tyre pressure monitor went off on the car today so decided to check the tyres. Data panel on door says 44psi on the front and 48psi on the rears. This seems very high so I phoned the stealer to see what they said. They said 33psi on the front and 30psi on the rear. I'm totally confused as I check the doors panel a dozen times to check. The car is a 2012 current model edition c7 A6 Avant 3.0tdi Quattro black edition with the Pirelli 20" tyre and wheel combination - tyre dimension 255x35xr20. Can anyone with this car or knowledge of it confirm what your thoughts are? Many thanks.
  5. I've got a 2013 Audi A6 Avant S-line 3.0 tdi Quattro and I'm looking for a rear bumper protector to fit on the upper part of the bumper to protect from scratching the paint when lifting items out the boot. A quick look on the net reveals there are plenty around for the other Audi models but I can't find anything for the A6 if this model (C7). They are usually grey plastic, which is fine as my car is Daytona Grey. Does anyone know of any supplier that sells them? Thanks all....
  6. A6 C7 S-Line Audi Drive Select

    Well, as I said in original post I've got the 3.0litre quattro TDi on order. My current car is the 3.0litre petrol saloon C6 the supercharged version. Lovely, lovely refined engine and onced revved, great power - but the fuel consumption -oh boy - that's down to an avge since new of 21 mpg. I previously had a C6 3.0 Quattro Avant and that was averaging 36 mpg. Still, I'll take that any day over 21 mpg. Now, the petrol is more refined, and more powerful, but we've me that 3.0 litre diesel torque any day. Can't wait to get back to it.....
  7. A6 C7 S-Line Audi Drive Select

    Damper control is not a standalone option on the A6. Updated steering and Quattro sports diff are options but not damper control.
  8. A6 C7 S-Line Audi Drive Select

    You can order it on its own on other cars like the S4 and S5 - but on the A6 - ADS comes as standard. its just really confusing what feck it actually controls!!!!!
  9. A6 C7 S-Line Audi Drive Select

    The A6 does come with ADS as standard. The confusing thing is - whether ADS is fitted or not seems different on just about every car in the range. Also, some options can be added - such as in the S4 for example, but those options are not available in the A6. Its really confusing.
  10. A6 C7 S-Line Audi Drive Select

    I've been going around several forums and looking on the web and can't find an answer to this; I've got a 2013 A6 (C7) S-Line Avant on order - 3.0 TDi quattro with the lower s-line suspension - not std sport suspension. On the Audi Drive Select (which is std), does it or does it not alter the damping force of the damper? The dealer says it does and I find conflicting info on the web - some say it does, some say it doesn't. Does anyone know? Thanks.
  11. A6 3.0TDI versus 3.0TFSI

    I had a 57 reg Audi A6 (C6) S-Line Avant 3.0 TDi quattro. Lovely, Lovely car. It did about 36/37 mpg average and well over 40 on long runs. I swapped it for an ex demo A6 (C6) 3.0TFSI quattro S-Line saloon in sept 2009. The petrol is a lovely engine and so refined but I'm telling you its drinks fuel big time. Ignore any figures about it doing 30mpg - its all rubbish. I have had the car 2 and a half years and its average milage is 21 MPG. Thats not at all good. It is a great car and lovely engine, and its not slow - you have to rev it to make it goes, unlike the 3.0TDi which has a ton or torque - but honestly go for the 3.0TDi. I'm changing mine again for a new C7 Avant and i've gone back to the 3.0 TDi. The best all round for performance, and economy at the some time. You will bleed money if you go for the petrol.
  12. All weather tyres for Q7

    Can anyone say why the Q7 ships with all weather Pirelli Scorpion tyres in the US straight from the factory, but in the UK they ship with Goodyear Eagle that have no grip whatsoever in the winter? Anyone know if you can order all weather tyres for the Q7 as a factory option in the same way you can for the all road?
  13. There are quite a few pictures of the A7 both on the web and the used search locator that show the A7 with fog flights, and then others without. You can't seem to spec them, nor choosing adaptive lights or led lights seems to make them available. Can anyone provide any clarification? Thanks
  14. I'm considering getting a new Q7 with the std 20" rims. I have noticed some seem to come with Goodyear Eagle tyres and some with Pirelli's of one sort or another. The Goodyear seem to have a unique tread pattern, but I know someone who has these says the tread is next to rubbish in the snow. I saw another brand new Q7 the other day with Pirelli's on them and the tread seemed to be better suited to all weather (they weren't the Scorpions' AT - I know they fit these for North America but not Europe). Does anyone on here know if you can actually request when ordering the tyre's you want when ordering from new? Thanks.
  15. I'm going to be needing some new tyres for my A6 3.0TFSI quattro shortly. Its fitted with Conti Sport Contact 3 at the moment. They are superb in the wet and try, but not great in the winter. I don't want anything cheap and nasty :-) as I know a set of decent tyres is going to be around a grand (been here many times before with the quattro models) so was wondering what other alternative tyres anyone on here have tried that they are pleased with - Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin etc? My car has the 19" wheels - 255x35xR19 Y rated I think. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.