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  1. More about the BMW 8 Concept (with pics)

    That's got some big gnashers on the front of it Be more interested to know that it's going to have a V8 and a V12 option though...
  2. Holy cr*p, a car thread!

    Like all 205s, they're really rubbery (my grandfather had three of the bloody things). The cabrio never cocked it's back leg like the GTI, because the body flexed so much and my ex wife described being driven in one as "a bit like being a biscuit tin"
  3. Holy cr*p, a car thread!

    Wow! That looks like it's been stood for a loooooong time. I'd buy it. But it's French
  4. School trip dilemma

    I wouldn't let her go. Yes, I completely get that we should "keep calm and carry on", but this is all about risk and minimising it. I spend half my life taking people out doing high risk outdoor activities. I am constantly assessing the situation the whole time I have a group out and I will regularly make the call that something we were planning to do is too high risk. If it was just me, I would do it, but when I'm assessing the risk to other people, I'll decide the risk is too high. Right now, and for the next couple of weeks, especially around the election, London is too high risk to visit. Alarmist or not, this is about your child.
  5. polo not starting? Not firing up?

    If it's clicking, it'll either be the solenoid that's gone or there's a dodgy connection.
  6. Mental Monster Truck vid

    That's why I said watch to the end
  7. 720 Wop

    That colour really accentuates the lines on that thing, as well as the flow of the body into the rear lights. I'd be going nuts by now having to wait that long!
  8. Mental Monster Truck vid

    Apart from that V8 noise just watch this for a couple of minutes - some of the stunts this guy pulls are awesome Watch it right through - he saves the best showing of his talent for last.
  9. Alonso Indy500....

    I loved that vid of his practice runs - interviewed by a 'Merican and he said his head wouldn't let him keep his foot flat on the floor for the corners
  10. Alonso Indy500....

    If he wins first time out, it makes the racing look easy (you get what I mean!) - I hope he does, but however he does, good on him - he could do with a break. It's 12 years since he was F1 champion!
  11. Always wanted a JCW, they're an absolute hoot to drive - sadly don't have £18k floating around. Best of luck selling it
  12. Chrome OS has AV built in to it. That said, Windows has Windows Defender built in to it and there are dozens of AV providers out there! Never used a Chromebook, so can't say, although I use Google apps like Docs and Sheets - fine for fairly basic stuff and Sheets is great for web-based shared spreadsheets, but the functions are very limited compared to Excel. That said, IIRC, you just needed a straightforward laptop and the Chromebook seems ideal - and at £250 it's an absolute bargain!
  13. An old car for TDK

    What is it - a Lada Romeo?
  14. Corbyn

    They're all a bunch of useless twunts. May has been very cunning (like a fox she'd happily have ripped to pieces by dogs) in calling an election with no lead time. No opportunity for a Macron-like party to be founded and beat the sh*t out of the useless tories, labour and lib-dems.