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  1. 530i vs 535d

    thanks i not said short journeys.. If I use car I do about 150 km per day.. and if I not use car I use my legs
  2. 530i vs 535d

    off topic
  3. 530i vs 535d

    What do you mean lesser car ? newer cars are more expensive..
  4. 530i vs 535d

    ??? I thinking about 535d but for my budget there is only with about 200K KM so.... my question is what lifetime has automatic transmission ....
  5. 530i vs 535d

    how many km has a lifetime for automatic transmission?
  6. 530i vs 535d

    service costs isnt concern... but as I said i have 2008 diesel audi with 200K km with full service book from audi service and I changed many things now - about 4 thousands euro within two years.... so i am only affraid from again changing too many things at diesel car...
  7. 530i vs 535d

    .....because 535d 2008 costs same money like 530i.... M5 certainly not..
  8. 530i vs 535d

    Yes it was my first plan, but few days ago my friend drive me with 535d and it goes awesome so it is reason why i do this topic
  9. 530i vs 535d

    I am affraid at diesel version about solid particles filter, 2x turbo, service life for 200K+ km automatic transmission and other very expensive parts of diesels.. how many KM do automatic transmission without problems ?
  10. 530i vs 535d

    Hi. Thanks for answers... i want automatic transmission.. how many km is best choice for buy ?
  11. 530i vs 535d

    and i want know what engine is better... I know 535i maybe but it costs many more money.. 535d and 530i are many more for choice about 15K euro.
  12. 530i vs 535d

    Hi. Yes english is my second language... Sure, not new car. I mean 2008 - 2009 year... But if I check I not see too much difference of price between diesel and petrol cars from this years.. and it is good idea buy diesel with about 200K kilometres ? I have diesel audi 2008 now with 218K km and still the same repairs now.. (buy with 198K with full service book) so i am affraid from many repairs again and again... and as I said i drive only about 10K yearly...
  13. 530i vs 535d

    Thanks for answer... I want performance and 535d is awesome but I am affraid from too much money for diesel car servise.. what do you mean " Residuals on the 530i are weaker though. " ? I am not understood this..
  14. 530i vs 535d

    Hi. I thinking about buy new car - bmw 5 . but before it I want know your opinion about that models - 530i 200 kw vs 535d 210 kw I drive 10K kilometres yearly. I do not care sound of motor. I still can not decide 530i or 535d.. please help me with deciding which engine is better for me