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  1. Audi a8 problem don't start

    Yeah but the new baterry idk but it says Battery Weekn on the screen you know ? Is like it dosent recornize the battery. And either with the new battery it have to start but it dosent , so the problem might be at the Start On Start Off computer of ?
  2. Audi a8 problem don't start

    Ok so i have an audi 2009/12 ( The old Model) The car have no problem , on Tester no error , but i replacement the old battery with a new battery after the old battery Dies. So when i put the key on contact it says Battery week (But the battery is new).This is one problem The other problem is the car don't start , when i put the key incontact and try to start it dosent working( So when i try to start it just revs on automat but don't start like i dont have battery) (I'm in winter so i was thinking the fuel freeze but this is not the problem. What can be the problem ?