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  1. Anti-roll kit

    Hi! This one's from a friend. Anyone who has tried it? Is it better than the H&R anti-roll kit? Would like to know if anyone has tried this with Bilstein shocks?
  2. VW pickup truck concept

    Have you guys heard of the truck concept of Volkswagen? They called it Tanoak. According to the news, the partnership of VW with Ford gave it a go on the production of the pickup truck. Well for me, the design looks great but I hope they made a different design on the truck wheels. What do you guys about it? https://www.motortrend.com/news/volkswagen-is-seriously-considering-a-pickup-truck-for-the-u-s/
  3. Planning to upgrade the suspension because it's quite worn out by now. I am researching about shocks. what's the good choice between Koni, Eibach, and Bilstein shocks? Other than Koni costing more, can anyone tell me the difference? Looking to pair it with H&R Race Springs. Anyone who has knowledge on this matter?
  4. New RS5

    me too. not sure what to feel about the new RS5 though it has nice wheels
  5. Carwash Spots

    those cars look great
  6. All cleaned and ready to go

    too bad can't view the pics
  7. he got that well-written. made me chuckle though
  8. Mega MX-5 restoration thread - contains dogdirt and rust.

    Nice work on that one
  9. new

    thanks for letting me join. hoping to get lots of great info here. good day to all
  10. Cayman S - v v short observation.

    nice video though