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  1. engine upgrades

    I've tryed that, he wanted me to take it back so they can destroy it more they're not touching anything of mine ever again
  2. engine upgrades

    I kept the brain and most of the harness as well as the keys
  3. engine upgrades

    Well the reason I'm doing the swap is because back in February I blew my transmission so I put it in the shop and while removing the trany they broke my engine block because they missed a couple bolts and tryed forcing it. And it's financed so I picked up a wrecked 09 with 24,000 original miles and that's where I am
  4. engine upgrades

    Hey all Im new you the site. But I've got a major question to ask and I'm hoping someone can tell me if I can swap my 06 2.0t fsi motor to a 09 2.0tsi ? I'm about to try and would love to find out if its even possible first. Any insite would be greatly appreciated.