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  1. Untaxed car clamped

    It was
  2. Untaxed car clamped

    They were reported 7 times since February to the police, as well as being given the address the car is overnight and through the day. Nothing was done. At least it’s off the road now.
  3. Untaxed car clamped

    I contacted the DVLA, apparently they don’t inform the police...they are only concerned with the tax issues not the MOT or insurance.
  4. Untaxed car clamped

    I’m aware of a car that has been used daily despite no mot, tax or insurance since early 2017 Yesterday it was finally clamped by the dvla for the tax, but will this bring to light the mot and insurance issues? Will the owner need to prove all 3 are up to date to get the car unclamped? Will the dvla inform the police of the other issues?
  5. New pants please

    I cant stop watching this That defies all laws of physics
  6. A few from the village car show

    A few nice motors from the village show
  7. Countach kit

  8. Countach kit

    Parked in Ripon looked very well built
  9. RIP: Fifth Gear TV Show

    Excellent. Won’t be affecting Plato’s touring car season...he’s hardly been on fire so far.
  10. Car shampoo for jet wash lances?

    BH wheel cleaner is the nuts, spray and leave for 3-4 mins and pressure wash any amount of baked on brake dust off. Amazing stuff
  11. expensive numberplates

    She lives just found the corner from me, on a 1 series cab.
  12. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    You’re playing fast and loose using the term “car” for that POS
  13. 2016 polo vivo rear speaker settings

    Check in the settings on the radio that the front to back fader is set in the middle, failing that take it in to a dealer as it'll be still under warranty being a 2016 car