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Found 3 results

  1. Hi hope someone can help me here my boot has stopped working using any of the switches (boot switch, one next to drivers door and on key fob) I can still open it using the key fine. At the same time this stopped working my number plate lights have stopped working alongside my rear fog lights this is really anoying. it was working one minute then stopped the next. (put shopping in couldnt get it out) Please help. I have removed most of the boot panneling and check that there is power to the fog lights (12v) and to the boot solinoid (spelling) Please help!!!
  2. Recently bought a 2000 19tdi passat estate and have a few problems 1- The rear driver side footwell has turned into a swimming pool so tomorrow I'll checkout the bung under the servo as i chacked the one under the battery, Also tomorrow ill check the pollen housing out and reseal. 2- The central locking doesn't work either with the key or the remote can someone please tell me how to reprogramme the key etc 3- The boot wont open and the key wont go into the lock as its seems seized Has anyone had this problem and how do i go about getting at the lock from inside the car. Cheers for taking the time to read probally what you's have read a million times.
  3. My A6 avant self locks if the only door opened was the tailgate ( opened withe the remote ) and it has been closed again. Ive opened the tailgate with the keys in my hand put the keys down inside the car to get something out of the boot and forgotten to pick the keys up before shutting the tailgate . You hear the click and your keys are locked inside. Ive now done it twice within 3 years and want to find a fix. Is it possible to turn off this safety feature ?. Parts Very glad to belong to the AA
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