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Found 19 results

  1. Car details below wall of text. So I have this strange problem with my golf 3, it wont start unless I help it by placing my foot on the accelerator. If I don't the engine will start-up right away BUT once I release the key from the starting position, it will cut out. If I run the starter for about 15 seconds, the engine sometimes wont cut out. I have noticed, that unlike other golf's and polo's the revs react pretty slow to starting. Normally once the starter turns on the engine, the revs respond (instant) by climbing to around 1800 rpm (correct me if I'm wrong) and then drop down to around 11-1200 rpm while coolant is below a certain temperature (40-50 Celsius). My car starts responding after about 10-15 seconds if I keep the starter running. The work around for this is for me now, is using the accelerator, while starting. problem 2: which is probably somewhat related to the first problem? My stationary idle is different from my moving idle. (This makes traffic jams more of a pain then they already are...) What I mean with this, is that at a full stop, it idles smoothly at 600 rpm, once I start moving (at 3±1 km/h, yes I have tested it.. don't ask) the revs shoot up to around 1100 rpm then drop down to 950 and stay there. This happens in neutral, in gear with the clutch panel pressed, and while slowly driving away only using the clutch. When I am already moving and I press the clutch, the revs will slowly go down to 950 rpm, until I hit that magic 3 km/h and they will drop down to 600 rpm... I am not a car mechanic, I'm a physicist, but I have some experience in working on cars and I own VCDS-lite. My first guess was throttle body related issues, I tested it, the thing was far from perfect, so I replaced it with a brand new one and performed basic settings (this fixed a common problem, that the rev needle would keep wobbling AKA hunting for gas). The curious thing is, once I perform basic settings, the idle problem goes away completely for a few days(starting problems persist though). This means, that whatever speed I'm driving my car, it always idles nicely at 600 rpm. A couple of days later I start it, and I can already tell by how it behaves while starting that my idle problems have returned... so I drive it, till the coolant reaches about 40-50 degrees Celsius (since below that temperature the idle is always higher than 950) and of course the difference in stationary idle and moving idle has returned.... replaced: throttle body (and o-ring), spark plugs, spark plug leads, rotor and distribution cap (yes I've put the leads back in the correct order), thermostat, thermostat housing and sensor, coolant, oil, oil pressure sensor, catalytic converter (at a licensed garage), water pump and timing belt (also in a garage, didn't have time to do it myself). Also removed rust from all negative leads and contacts I could find, reattached them and repainted. Make: VW Golf mk3 Model: 1.6 CL Year: 1996 Engine: AEE Engine Code: AEE 090 993 ECU: Marelli 1AV 1949 Mileage: 262xxx Km Sorry for the wall of text, I have pretty bad ADHD so I hope my story makes some sense, I hope someone has a clue and can help me, because I'm at loss here. (I hope I covered everything, since this is the 2de time I had to type all of this, because the website gave me an error while posting)
  2. Looking for a sat nav unit for a mk5 golf, i am willing to give up my standard golf cd player unit and some cash on top, yorkshire area can travel further if at the right price. Thanks!
  3. Just about to pick a diesel 09 plate GT and the dealer mentioned something about needing an iPod interface fitting in the glove box. THe arm rest has a cable, does this allow me to play music via the radio ? And do the steering wheel controls work, or is this linked to the iPod via this box the chap was talking about ? Are they easy to fit / get hold of ? Cheers c
  4. Hey all, I love my golf dearly, he's called Pedro and is my first car. I'm the kind of person who really wants to be able to fix things with him myself rather than get ripped off at a garage and so far I've been able to do so myself, but I've now got a new problem, and I'd love if any of you could help....Basically he runs fine, no problems starting or anything but recently he's started randomly cutting out when I press clutch and brake at the same time (eg changing gear) usually at low speeds but it has happened between 5-30miles an hour. Its not all the time, and its not everyday, but its enough to make me aware something isn't right.There's no juddering, no traditional stalling signs, and he starts up again first time. It's just literally like the engine is turning off.Any suggestions of how I can figure out the cause would be great.Cheers.
  5. Hey guys, I'm Loveth from the Modball Rally. I used my first post to Promote another forums enterprise. After I have confirmed this is fine with Admin I'll repost the information.
  6. Car: Golf MK 3 Engine: 1.4 L Km: 139k Year: 1993 Amount of lazy ponies under the hood: 64 So, my car is getting very hot, I got a mechanic to look at it just so i could get an idea of what was wrong, and he said it was probably the water pump that was busted. its pouring out coolant 3 seconds after its poured. But I was wondering if it might be something else, i haven't gotten a chance to look at the pump yet, but i have set time for that tomorrow. the engine block is sweating oil also if this might be relevant. lately it has been making a sound that seems to resemble the sound it would make if it was going with free exhaust.
  7. Hello i realy need help with my 2000 golf mk4 tdi it has central locking and global locking but does not have a remote fob. I cannot lock the car and when i try all the windows come down any ideas why? ive tried holding the key in the lock direction which brings the windows back up and locks the car but as soon as i take the key out it unlocks and the windows go back down. im getting nowhere and my vw dealer wants to change me £63 plus vat to look at it and they want me to get a spare key as i only have 1 and want to charge me £130 for that! regards jack
  9. Hi, I have a J reg golf mrk2 8 valve, i can get it to start and she idles at the usual revs but wont rev up unless left running with the throttle open for a good 10 or 15 mins, then as soon as you let off the throttle it dies back to idle revs again and no response from the throttle. Oh and this happened over night, it rained extremely heavily, then i used a little wd 40 which always used to do the trick ! Ive changed the plugs, distro cap, rotor arm, fuel filter, air filter but no change. please help !!!! cheers Dan
  10. Golf GTI Edition 30 07 Plate (registered March 2007) Steel Grey Metallic (immaculate paintwork) 5 door hatchback 2.0 litre T-FSI engine 230PS (169kW) 0 – 62mph in 6.8 secs. Six speed manual gearbox 27000 miles 12 months MOT Full VAG service history This Edition 30 benefits from the same high specification as the standard Golf GTI, including six air bags, 2Zone electronic climate control, Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) and automatic coming/leaving home lights. Additionally, the Edition 30 has the following features over and above the standard GTI: Exterior • 18 inch ‘Pescara’ alloy wheels with 225/40 RI8 tyres • Darkened rear light clusters • Body coloured lower spoilers (front, rear and sides) Interior • Heated front sports seats with ‘Interlagos’ cloth and ‘Vienna’ leather side bolsters • Leather steering wheel with ‘GTI’ logo and red stitching • Unique interior trim (including Edition 30 plaque No. 0280) • Door sill strips with Edition 30 logo • Golf ball design gear lever • Unique floor mats with red edging • Aluminium-look pedals Additional Extras • Gas discharge (Bi-Xenon) dipped and main beam headlights with automatic adjustment and headlight washer system • Rear tinted privacy glass (B-Pillar back) • iPod prepped (in glove box) For photographs, please use this link: Golf GTI Edition 30 - a set on Flickr £16,250 ovno
  11. The other day I went to start my car and nothing happened. I own a Mk3 Golf, 1.9 diesel. I turned the key to the first stage, all the dash lights come on, the glow plug light goes off, I turn the key, and then nothing. No clicks, no spluts, just nothing; silence. The Haynes manual says it is possibly the relay for the starter motor that has gone. However I have no idea which of the relays controls the starter motor, or even if it is the relay, as I am never 100% on trusting Haynes books. The glow plug light has never been 100%, not always coming on, but the car has always started no problem, even when the light never came on. The last time I ran the car the engine did star with a slight hesetation, which I think is a first. ANY help will be really appreciated as I can't afford the £100 per hour labour garage to do a simple job I could do at home for parts cost. Thanks Chris :confused:
  12. Looking for a little advice if anybody has some. My 1997 Golf 2.0 GL (ABA) has been having starter issues that seem to be of an electrical nature. The car has a new starter (only a few months old) and a new battery (a few weeks old). When I turn the ignition, the car slowly turns over once and then nothing. All the dash lights come on. Also, not on every attempt but on some, the power seems to completely cut out. The clock will reset to 12:00 and the alarm acts as if it thinks the battery wires were detached/re-attached and goes off. I am planning to change the battery wires (I had some awfully deteriorated spark plug wires a few years ago), but I wouldn't be surprised if it is a different issue. Does somebody else has an idea what might be at fault?
  13. Hi guys, I'm new here and really appreciate your time. I have a VW Golf 1.9 TDI which has a power loss issue. After driving for approximately 20/30 minutes my car will start to lose power, especially when in and around roundabouts, driving at over 2500rpm or driving uphill. In the last week I have replaced the air filter, air flow meter and done an oil change. I had a brand new battery approximately 2 months ago (which is roughly when my problems started). One of my mates hooked up his laptop and found a fault with the MAF which I have since replaced but have not yet had the errors removed - I'm going to see him again tomorrow. It also had an error relating to Cylinder 1 but he was sure this was due to the MAF not putting enough air in. This morning, for example, I drove 16 miles before any of the symptoms started but once they kicked in the remaining 40 odd miles were a nightmare! The only thing I haven't done yet, which I can do myself, is replace the fuel filter and check the plugs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, Michael
  14. I'm going bog-eyed reading posts related to c/l, but couldn't see one like my problem... Remote fob will open driver's door, but no others. It will lock all doors, but won't close windows. I've tried multiple presses, and holding down the button. Using the key, and internal lock, everything works as it should (I think!). One of the fobs had a dead battery, so I've replaced that and re-synch'd it (it didn't seem to need it, but what the heck...). No difference - any suggestions/bright ideas? I'll try anything (within reason) Thanks Jeff
  15. Hi Where do i find the inlet to the radiator on my 2005 '05' reg golf SDi engine? Is it the one near the windscreen washer reservoir? or is this just the overflow tank? Need to put some water in to find where the leak is and how bad!:confused:
  16. Hi guys, I have a 2002 Golf 1.9 Tdi and when I turn to full lock there is a squeeling noise that sounds like a loose belt or something. Could anyone enlighten me as to what this is and how I might sort it out? Thanks very much.
  17. I have seen other threads on this subject which mention a lever in the back of the unit which can be flicked up or down to convert the beam pattern. I am driving from the UK to Italy at the beginning of July and out of interest had a look under the bonnet of my 56-plate MY2007 GTI. On the back section of each unit there are two white allen key adjustable discs. One labeled U-D (presumably UP and DOWN) the other L-R or R-L (LEFT and RIGHT)? See photos. Apologies for the appalling picture quality from my old Nokia (taken in near darkness). I have seen mention of the U-D adjustment on here before when people have been 'flashed' by oncoming traffic. However I can't find any mention of the L-R adjusters. Is this something added on later models? Is it indeed a Left - Right adjuster? And is it left/right to make minor adjustments to the beam, or left/right to switch for continental driving? Can anyone help answer this?
  18. I've had a problem wit my golf for nearly a year, the headlights, full beam and the inside light all dim slightly (rev counter bounces, usually between 6-8 hunderd revs but sometimes stays at 1.1k revs), power while driving goes and only kicks in after 3k revs, and stalls a fair bit in neutural. I've taken it to a garage and after hooking it up to the computer, i had 3 problems appear. 16500 P0116 Engine sporadics Coolant temperature circuit - G62t range performance 16684 P0300 Random Multiple cylinder: misfire detected 16687 P0303 Cylinder 3: misfire detected Any ideas whats happening and how to fix them? btw its on 03 plates and a 1.4
  19. Guys - not sure if this is worth much but I have the spare key from my old Mk5 Golf GTI... seems I might have forgotten to give it to the garage... if this is worth anything I will let it go to the highest bidder by monday (via PM to make it interesting!) This is as new as far as I recall, however will post pics if i get a chance and should be possible to be re-coded to another car. Presume you would need to swop out the blade though?
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