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i am nearly the owner of a new gti dsg. i have recieved a letter from the company i am buying from, cars4charities, saying that in order for them to register the car with the dvla then they need a certificate of insurance, so i went online to get a quote and you need the registration number, however they say that until it is registered it wont get a reg number! also i dont actually know the exact date when the insurance should start. has anybody gone through this process and could you give some advice on which company to use or what to say. im currently with direct line if that helps.

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With my import, (bought via Motorprovider), Motorprovider rang me up and gave me a reg number about a week prior to collection. I got my insurance sorted on this, and then Motorprovider registered the car.

I understand that some insurance cos. will insure you with a VIN / Chassis Number ? Have they given you that yet ?

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I picked up my GTI from cars 4 charities just under 2 weeks ago...still grinning everytime I get in for a drive smile.gif

Use the VIN or chassis number that cars4charities have given you and ask the insurers to give you cover on that instead of an actual car registration number.

What I did is arrange with cars4charities that my car would be coming in first week of september, so I phoned round the insurance companies mid august to get the temporary cover, the V5 came back from the DVLA end of august beginning of sept, so I just rang the insurer I opted for(admiral) and told them the actual reg number and voila, was cover for the year on the GTI.

I bet you cant wait, good luck and have fun wink.gif

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I'm in the same boat as nedflanders. I too purchased my car from cars4charities.

As I am with Admiral I thought I'd give them a call first. Any joy? Not likely. I explained my situation and told them that my car was a Golf GTI 2.0T 200bhp DSG (they didn't know what DSG was so specced automatic!) and that it was a EU import to full UK spec.

"Sorry, we can't give you cover based on the chassis number sir because the car is not an import. We can only give cover based on the chassis number for import cars and the car you have specced is not an import". ??!!??

What do you mean it's not an import? I've just told you that the cars a EU import!

I spoke to his manager and he said the same thing. Even after arguing that I knew someone (lensman) who had done what I wanted to do he said that he couldn't do it.

He then said I could send in the cars log book and they'd review it.

Total hassle. It's so close but yet so far!

Does anyone know any insurance companies that can do this? Any little help will be much appreciated.

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Just picked up my new import Ed30 today from All Brands New jump.gif - they have a great system with 7 days free insurance through Norwich Union (just like main dealers).

Norwich Union e-mail the insurance certificate within 10 minutes ! - quite handy when there's a postal strike on.

[/ QUOTE ]

I think cars4charities are missing a trick here. It would make it easier for buyers if they offered something similar. Not sure why they can't/won't do a deal with an insurance company. It makes business sense.

It's ok if people know about forums like this where people are helpful.

To be fair, cars4charities did give me a couple of companies to try when I asked.

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