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Alarm problem after three days


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Hi all,

New to the forum having bought a 2002 Boxster S a few months ago. Would have signed up earlier but have been driving the car rather than a PC for that time!

One slight problem though, after three days of it in the garage, the key fob no longer works. I understand that this is normal for the sake of the battery, but a couple of times when I unlock using the key in the driver door, the alarm sounds immeadiatley. Stops when I start it but the garage is below a coach house flat of one of my neighbours, and he is none best pleased with the times in the morning I sometimes get the car out. Any clues what this could be or how to resolve?

Cheers all. iamwithstupid.gif

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The remote does indeed stop working after a number of days to save the battery of the car but I thought it was 5 days ? if this happens I think your supposed to unlock the door with the key but do not open the door and then press the button on the key to unlock it again. Give that a try

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