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37" Panasonic LCD


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Apparently there is a new Panasonic LCD TV (37") due out shortly (or maybe recently released).

Does anyone know how this compares to other LCD models and even other Plasmas?

A friend has this on his shortlist, but I was under the impression that at this size, Plasmas were often a better-bet?



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Personal opinion here, but I've yet to see an LCD that looks anything other than complete pish. Go for plasma every time, and if 37 inch is the size you are looking for, Panasonic do a nice 37".


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Copy that. Pana's 37" plasma is picking up all sorts of awards too. I've not seen the new 37", but I wouldn't even think of wasting my time on doing a side by side comparison, the plasma will be better than the lcd, no problem.

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