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Sun Blinds for B5/B5.5 Passat Estate


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The arrival of Slapper junior has prompted me to search around for sun blinds for the car - no jokes I know winter is nearly here...

Found a firm called oesunshades.com and dropped them an enquiry regarding their product.

Back came a PDF file with a Passat togged out in their kit - nice looking kit...

But at £164.95 for the set delivered, I think young Slapper junior will make do with ill fitting Tesco/ASDA/Halfords cheapies!!

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I've ended up plumping for some plain jobbies from Tesco. I think they were about 7 quid for 2.

They pull down and stay until you press a button on the side - they don't fit the window exactly, and the side facing out is white (looks a bit shite on a black car!)

But all told, along with the old ones I had already, the rear windows are pretty much covered, and its quite dark and private in the back now.

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