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Which Helmet????


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Hi guys finally getting around to replace my gear after my spill in 2005.

I have leathers,gloves and boots sorted , Its the Helmet i am struggling with. My old helmet Was a Shoei xr1000, But to be honest with out plugs it was murder. Im thinking about an AGV barbera Ti tech,Not a fan but it looks good.

Any body with a titech? Are they heavy , does visor work well, Is it a good fit! Any suggestions 169144-ok.gif


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I have an £80 lazer helmet because it is comfortable and very quiet compared to other helmets. I try to avoid long motorway journeys simply because of the high wind noise which is already giving me tinnitus - some people don't seem to be affected by it though.

Not sure about how tough it is in an impact and hope I never find out. If I could find a quiet helmet I would be a happy bunny!

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Well i think i will have to try a selection before i part with cash.

I do/did wear plugs, i just forgot them one time going to silverstone WSB, My hearing has never been the same.

Last time i bought somthing at the bike show it cost more than local retailer? But i will be there and be looking for a bargain.

Cost of helmet is not an issue it only has to work once,Like my last one did.


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