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What is it about bikes?


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Having spent an awesome day at Mallory park last saturday on the GSXR-750, I was left with a physical ache for more trackday action! One thing that struck me was that every track day you go to you always meet a good bunch of people who are willing to help out and offer advice. Kind of reminds me of some old Audi-sport/tyresmoke meets I went to a good 5 years back!

Going to a track day seems to be a big contrast to general life in the UK now. People generally mind their own business and don't talk to each other on the street but go to a track day and it's completely different. I guess everyone is buzzing from the thrill of it!

I changed to pirelli supercorsa's on sat and they really transform the bike into a track monster. Once heated up its easy to get sufficient lean angly to scrape your knee sliders on the tarmac - which always feels good! wink.gif They never overheat and provide excellent grip. Anyone doing track days should try a minimum of supercorsa's. I have heard the Metzeler racetec tyres are even better!

It seems that once you get a few track days under your belt it becomes an addiction!

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I seemed to lose all perception of speed after riding home from one, what I though was about 70mph was much more. Strage how it does that. 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

As I found out to my cost on the way home from my last trackday... The excuse didn't wash with the local plod.. frown.gif

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