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Problems unlocking B6 S4


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Wife has just rung to say she can not unlock our car (2003 B6 S4 Avant).

If she clicks the remote fob nothing happens, if she puts the key in the lock and turns it left it makes a sound (sounds like the doors are locking) if she turns the key right nothing happens.

The car is locked and the red led is flashing.

Any ideas on what this could be and how to unlock the car ?

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key wont unlcock the car.

Basically the car is locked, last driven on monday.

Key fob doesnt unlock the car and using the key wont unlock it either. If she turns the key left in the lock its makes the usual sound of locking the car, but if she turns the key right it makes no sound and doesnt unlock the car.

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I had that with my S4, basically the key had lost its transponder frequency, battery was OK.

They had to reset the key but it was a 10 minute job and no charge. As for manually unlocking, sometimes you have to twist the key twice but always look out for the alarm light going off and then open the door. Can be a bit if a bugger.

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thanks for the responses guys.

Got home to find that she had managed to open the car, key fob didnt work for around 4 hours then suddenly worked.

i start testing a few things and find out something really strange: if the car is locked by the remote neither of our keys will unlock the car, however if i unlock the car and then lock it with the key (not the remote) i can then unlock it with the key.

Have read the manual and cant find any mention of this, it just says turn key and pull handle to unlock.

Anyone have any ideas why i cant unlock the car with the keys, as have to say this is slightly worring if the remote stops working when we are away from home and then cant get in the car.

Dunno what was up with wifes remote though, tested battery which is fine

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