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250gb drive for PS3...


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You'll find out soon enough tongue.gif

I thought there was a config file on the HDD, but it's only a few settings if it's lost.

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grin.gif from a guide on the web about upgrading the drive... 169144-ok.gif


If your storage device isn't large enough to handle a full system backup, you can selectively copy data over through the various music, photo, and game menus in the XMB. Your PlayStation Network login and system settings will remain safe on the system during the entire process. After you have your data safely backed up, you can move on to the actual hard-drive swap.

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Have you noticed any clicking noises coming from the drive, particularly when idling?

The issue is acknowledged here…


…but apparently this doesn't work for the 250GB drive. I am thinking of going the same route as you, but this has put me off...unless you haven't had any issues?

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Just upgraded my HDD to: TOSHIBA 320GB 5400RPM 8MB SATA-300 2.5"

Took longer to unplug and wipe the dust off than swap the drive, very well designed Mr Sony!

Just restoring the backup and it'll all be done. Not bad for £85.



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