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Audi Performance Days


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Yeah I noticed that, it was a complete fluke as I never look at the Audi site due to being really down about Audi's (dealers/Audi UK) at the momment. But as I had been meaning to contact Bristol Audi with respects to them being our new dealer for sales/service/repairs (anyone had experience of them? Spoke to Hannah who was very helpfull on the phone) I thought I would kill two birds/one stone and check out the RS6 at the same time. Booked in for the morning of Saturday the 6th if any of you are going?

Have not been on the site for a while, due to multiple s**t's hitting the fan combined with being fcuked off with Audi (as above). But am feeling that now is the time to pull myself together and have some fun. beerchug.gif

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