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Ed30 Bluetooth options


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My dad's just ordered a new Ed30, it's fully loaded but we decided against any of the Bluetooth options.

They were all bolt on kit's, a Nokia one and something else (I can't remember). We decided against it because I was thinking the unit that's installed on the new Seat Leon Cupra could possibly be attached to the Mk5 Golf loom?

It enables you to scroll through your numbers on the display in the dash and call/hang up etc. So there's no more visual kit in the cabin.

Has this been done? Can it be done?

It’s possibly a toy they’re saving for the MK6.

One more thing, we ordered the touch screen Nav with 30G hard disc and SD slot.

Does this have Bluetooth? Could it connect that way?

Thanks 169144-ok.gif

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If the parts arrive this week, install is planned for the weekend otherwise weekend after that. And I need to VAG COM it as well.

The parts cost me 196 EUR + 20 EUR shipping, and I expect another 10 - 20 EUR for some cables and plugs from the local VAG dealership. And a case of beer or so for a local VAG COM guy!

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Hmm well first of all the dealer wil probably tell you that's not possible to retrofit a factory bluetooth system, at least that's what mine told me. So you probably need to do a bit of convincing there.

Secondly as this is not your regular retrofit bluetooth as done by dealers, audio installers etc I doubt that he dares to take it on.

And finally as the install takes quite a bit of work, especially if you install the interface on the factory position onder the righthand side seat, he'll probably charge you an arm and a leg for it...

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Thank you for the costing details, I really would love to have this system, very subtle too.

The thing putting me off is A the cost and B the install, looks like some of it may be a little out of my league. (only retrofitted the MF2 and the IPOD cable).

I would love to try and do it mind you....

Are you having to have it VAG-COM because of a multifunction steering wheel? - it is something I dont have so I presume I would not need it?

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I've got an RNS 510 arriving some time next week so I've started making enquiries into getting the bluetooth stuff and I'll have a go at fitting it all into my R32 (if it ever arrives!) and report back.

The fitting doesn't look too hard I don't think, as long as you're careful when removing the trim and aren't tempted to lever it off with a screwdriver it should be ok.

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I think the cost of the OEM Bluetooth is quite good actually. If you want to use the steering wheel controls for Bluetooth, there are three other options AFAIK

*The Parrot + the Audicom cabling and interface

*The Parrot + cabling and interface provided by a Swiss guy on eBay

*A solution by a German supplier.

None of these solutions offer the use of the display of the highline computer for phone book, missed calls etc. Only the use of the phone button on the steering wheel and voice recognition for dialing numbers. And these options set you back approx 210 - 250 EUR ex shipping.

Install of these units is somewhat more plug and play as the OEM retrofit, although a lot is similar and much depends how you want to do it.

Basically there are three things which have to be done.

1) install the microphone. If you use the OEM position in the roof you'll have to access this, wether you have the OEM or Parrot kit. For the Parrot kits there have been some users who have mounted the microphone under the steering wheel column (in the slot where the adjustment handle sits) and have reported good working there.

2) Placement of the interface. If you select the OEM position for the OEM kit under the right side seat that is a bit of work. However the OEM kit can also be places under the radio behind the climate control using a bit of foam padding and tie-rips, there's enough space there and doesn't matter for the functionality (lot of users who retrofit the OEM kit in Audi A3/A4 use a place in the dash as opposed to the underseat position). For the Parrot you'll have to use the dash position.

3) connection to the radio. The Parrot with a dedicated wiring harness is plug-n-play. The OEM kit requires a bit more work, either connecting directly to the wiring of the car or using the extra wires as shown on the Octavia VRS website. With the inline connectors available either option should be quite doable.

You Brits have it somewhat harder than us on the continent as most of the cabling goes on the right hand side of the car, so you have a dash etc to deal with.

AFAIK the OEM unit can be controlled using the wiper stalk, the SEAT manual on the Octavia VRS site shows this. What VAG COM settings are required for this shouldn't be to hard to figure out (no specialist myself though)

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Where did you get it from Burble?

Asked my local VW place and skoda and prices were as follows: (pounds)

5P0862335C ?276.30

8P0035503E ?7.69


1Z097181362U ?2.37


N90817003 ?0.15

6U0819055 ?0.38

000979134 ?0.97

000979133 ?0.97

000979226 ?0.97

000979225 ?0.97

191972701 ?2.78

191972711 ?1.91

Already over 300 pounds for the parts.

Have to say I am getting tempted with the parrot ck3200 and just fit it myself.

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I paid 216 EUR (about 150 UKP) for the kit, from somebody in the Czech Republic. He's got a good reputation, so I'm quite confident that all will be ok.

Fot that I get:

1Z0 035 729 herstellungsdatum 20.9.2007 + Bluetoothantenne 8P0 035 503 E - € 150.00

Mikrophon-3B0035711B mit Schnittstellkabel - € 16.00

Anschlusskabel+Anschlussstecker für Steuerteil mit Pins-4E0 972 144 + Anschlussstecker für Radio(grun)-3B7 035 447B mit Pins - € 19.00

Steuerteilehalter-1Z0 035 815 - € 6.50

Abdeckung IF schwartz 1Z0 971 813 62U - € 4.50

Kleinteile (wie Schrauben, Muttern usw.) mit Leitungsschema - € 0.00

Total - € 196.00

Apparently the interface 1Z0 035 729 replaces the older interface 5P0 862 335 C.

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I have to say, I dont like the idea of having some other screen on the car, like it all OEM when possible...

[/ QUOTE ]

Exactly! After all this I have VW looking at the VWVortex install notes and they are going to get back to me whether it's possible and if they'll fit it for us. Fingers crossed!

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I saw this on Briskoda a couple of months ago,there is a thread for a group buy for parts and considered atempting it on my new Golf.I showed it to someone who would know and he said that there was no reason he could see why it wouldn't fit to the Golf but by the time my car came i went off the idea,may do it in the future though.

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