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Best way to finance a BMW Sport Coupe


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My brother buying a new car.

He is wanting a 320i or 320d M Sport Coupe

with Metallic Paint, Leather Seats, Heated Seats.

He has 4k deposit to put down.

He has spoken with Coast2Coast, who are quoting £370(320d) monthly payments with 16k baloon payment at end on PCP, or he hands the car back with nothing owning.

Not sure if that is a good deal or if there is a better way of financing the car.

Could the resident experts help?

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Basic Price £25574.47

Factory Options Price £1523.41

Discount £3793.70

Additional Options Price £0.00

Sub Total £23304.18

Manufacturer's Delivery Cost £506.38

Admin. Charge £300.00

VAT £4219.35

Road Fund Licence (12 months) £115.00

First Registration Fee £50.00



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I think he is on holiday.

From reading past posts, balanced payments seem to be the way to go.

Does this type of finance have a baloon payment at the end?

Is there any options that should be added to help the resale value of the car, i.e sat nav, bluetooth.

[/ QUOTE ]

got the PM and back from holiday 169144-ok.gif

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