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With regards to the Mk5, I can confirm from my own experience, that the milltek cats will reduce your low down torque, as the milltek downpipes required to fit the cats are of a larger diameter compared to the oem downpipes therefore increasing flow volume but reducing flow velocity, which equals loss of low down torque and gains in the upper rev region. However, the loss of low down torque of the milltek downpipes + cats is less pronounced than the milltek manifold + cats. But either way, I strongly advise against a hiflow sports cats from any manufacturer that increases the bore size of the down pipes and the cats. Ideally, for the Mk5, bore size of the exhaust system should remain the same as oem from the exhaust ports of the engine all the way back to the middle silencer.

Also note that, DSG in D mode makes the low down torque loss more obvious as DSG has been programmed from factory to upshift sooner when compared to how you would normally upshift in a manual. Therefore, it is less noticeable in a manual as you would subconsciously compensate that loss of low down torque by upshifting later.

The money you would spend on cats and downpipes, would be better spent on some 264/260 schrick cams, which would give you much better gains. Unless, of course, you plan to have forced induction.

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from my tests (on the MkV) the cats and manifolds lost roughly the same amount of torque. Together they left a massive hole on the low-down torque curve.

It took Milltek over a year to admit this despite being told based on the first production run they did sportifs2.gif

Was quite worried about doing the same to the M3 given this experience, but no need - 100 cell cats work just fine FIREdevil.gif

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