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Conditioning Wiper Blades


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Hi Guys,

After just reading through the post on window cleaning i thought i would throw this little lot in to the mix.

After cleaning your windscreen its suprising how it can get blurry very quickly with smudging and stains. Many of these are acutally coming from your wiper blades.

Even if you wash your and rub your wiper blades when you wash its suprising how much gunge they can contain and when its wet how this quickly turns to traffic film.

Dirty wiper blades to to chatter and not operate smoothly under light rain. As well as keep your windscreen clean you can try to keep the blades in clean, top conidition too.

I use 303 Wiper Blade treatments (reminds me of Black WOW). It seems to clean and condition the wiper blades and bring them back to new!! I invest in the more expensive Bosch wipers and i dont like to fork out money for new ones all the time and this product has really helped them last longer!!

Inside each packet is a little moist foam towel. You simply rub across the wiper blade and allow the product to penetrate the rubber. The first time you do this the towel gets very dirty very quickly. After waiting around 30 seconds just wipe the blade with a clean dry cloth.


Next time you run the wipers you get a clean, quiet wipe!!

You have to buff off the excess product or you will just transfer Wiper Treatment to your windscreen!!

The box says to use the Wiper Treatment every 5-6 weeks, i use them about twice a yr in conjuction with a full detail of the car. This includes claying and polishing the windscreen with AG glass polish.

I also found 303 Windscreen Washer Tablets great at removing road film from my windscreen and they seem to clean and leave the screen shining too!! In the winter i mix them with water, 1 tablet gives around 4 litres of wash. They do not contain any anti freeze so in the winter i just pop one tablet in my washer fluid bottle go for a drive. The heated wash fluid bottle helps to melt the tablet and i get clean, smear free windows!!


Only a couple quid and they are enviormently friendly!! You cant knock the 303 Aerospace plastic conditioner nor the Shower cleaner/protector!! A couple of the car detailing sites sell these, some have samples for a £1 or so. Well worth adding to an order IMO.


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Err, I use vinegar and that works a treat. And it's only the 10p a bottle cheapo stuff.

[/ QUOTE ]

Vinegar contains acetic acid, which kills the bacteria and fungus so its great if you end up with green (letchins!?) growth on your car on the windows near the mirrors!!

Im not sure what the effects of vinegar are on rubber, if it replenishes, protects or helps to exspell traffic film from inside the rubber. I dont doubt it probably helps though!! 169144-ok.gif


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