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Radiator went today!


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Just as I was pulling into a car park for a meeting this lunchtime my temp gauge went through the roof. Opened the bonnet and steam was pouring out of the radiator!!

First car for around 5 years where I have not had any warranty, or any break down cover, luckily two weeks ago I joined the AA, £7 a month.

Called them up and within 30 minutes someone was with me, realised that the plastic end capping had split and a new radiator needed so called a flat bed out. By the time I had got off the phone to GSF Car Parts the flat bed was with me, took it home and picked up the radiator on the way.

Total time to getting back home was 2 hours max, and I still managed to keep my appointment.

Old radiator out and new one in within 2 hours and car back up and running.

Total cost £104 + vat.

It could have been a hellish day, BMW said they would have to order one in and it would not be there till Tuesday, plus I am sure it would have been a £500 bill from them at least.

All in all I was extremely impressed with the AA and with GSF for having a radiator in stock and the price. 169144-ok.gif

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Common fault apparantly, splits just where the outlet hose attaches to the radiator, one of the guys on bm5w said loads have gone.

Although BMW said they didn't know of any common faults when I called, I thought it could have been a leaking seal as it was right where the pipe exits, but they just said 'bring it in and we will diagnose it for you.'

Thanks!! ROLLEY~14.GIF

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E39 530i sport and the 120d M-Sport.

Bought the 530i as a stop gap as the price was right, but loving it at the moment, put a nice sound system in and just love everything about it.

If I do anything I might get a Z3 M Coupe as I have always fancied one, but I will keep the 530i too.

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