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BMW Hifi upgrade

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Hi guys (& girls),

I'm just specing up a 3-series and I want to ensure I get a decent sound system. I've got a MKV GTi at the moment and the base sound system is not great. Anyone have the Hifi upgrade? Was it worth it or would I be better spending £400 at an aftermarket place?

I know Logic7 seems to be very good, but its a bit more than I want to spend and I don't want to change the headunit.

any advice ?

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Personally I don't think the standard system is that bad to be honest. I had Bose in my Audi and it compares quite well to that.

No its not audiophile quality but its a well rounded system once you play around with the levels. Its got subs under the seats as standard and the midrange is pretty good.

No idea what the hi fi system is like but apparently it makes it very difficult to upgrade later if you want to. Go for the logic 7 or leave it and see what you think and maybe get some after market components in the front and maybe add an amp if your not happy for the £400 you mentioned. 169144-ok.gif

Its been discussed a few times in the BMW 3 section fairly recently if you have a search. beerchug.gif

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