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B5 2.5tdi- cold start problem.


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The car has recently had issues cold starting. It woould crank but nor fire.

It went for a service on Thursday, and friday morning wouldnt start again.

So it went back in for investigation.

It came back that the in-tank fuel pump was buggered.

When they changed the fuel filter it couldnt reprime. Fair enough I thought.

So I came to pick it up from the garage on sat am and it started fine.

This morning- it would'nt start. confused.gif

My RAC man neighbour came round and asked for sypmtoms- he then unscrewed the air intake pipe and sprayed some carb cleaner right in to it whilst I was turning it over.

Finally it caught and started noisily.

So he concluded that there is air getting drawn in somehow but oddly no fuel is leaking out- so its a one way issue.

SO could this be:

cracked pipe?

dodgy fuel filter?

maybe the garage didnt bleed something when swapping the fuel filter/pump?

All advice greatly appreciated.


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well; glow plugs have been changed, and it STILL wont start.

There's fuel coming from the tank pump, thru the filter- but no further..

It's worringly looking like the injection pump could be a fault (again frown.gif )

I'm really beginning to regret buying this car now.

[/ QUOTE ]

So fuel not getting to the injectors.

You could try bleeding at the injectors, maybe airlocked

Just had a thought, is the electric stop on the pump oparating correctly..

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