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Golf MK3 GTI sluggish/playing silly buggers


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I have a 1993 K reg Golf Mk3 8v gti, 1984cc (me thinks) lump. over the last 3 months, the car has been very sluggish, to the point where I put I foot down to accelerate, and gradually the thing gets moving. I've also noticed that the idle can flutuate at times, and that fuel consumption is reallt bad.(probably cos i'm thrashing it to go anywhere). Changed Plugs, cam belt,plug leads coil, dizzy cap & rotor arm. I have some friends at Aircool have put a meter on it to check readings but no fault found. They say it's the old fashioned type connector by the ashtray, that doesn't show all faults. they then check the timing and find it's 6 degrees advanced. OK, lets put it back to where it belongs, and the car behaves as if it's running on one cylinder. put it back to 6 degrees advance, and the car is back to it's old self. Before I burn the fecker, could someone pengy.gif[email protected] think of any ideas to what needs to be done?

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Hmm... considering what you've done already, you may want to check the air and fuel route next. Replace the airfilter and make sure the intake and all the pipes are clean. Do the same with the fuel line. Make sure the filter is clean, maybe best to replace it. They're not too expensive IIRC, however, if one get's blocked even just a bit that might explain this sluggishness and could even cause it not to run at all in the end.

So far the easiest things you could check, if that doesn't work you might need to check the fuel pump, injectors etc. Could also be the MAF or ECU.

Anyway, to me it appears she doesn't get enough air (or fuel).

I'm curious how she starts, right away or difficult?

Good luck, and let us know how it goes. wink.gif

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