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[Audi A3/S3] A3 2.0 Tdi Sport DSG


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Welcome to TSN Markpaq...

Good choice on the Tdi DSG, leads times - now there's a good one.

I think the only one to help with this is ScoTTy, he should be around soon...................... UHOH7.GIF

I have the outgoing Tdi Quattro, if I stay on the Tdi route I will be hanging out for the Tdi Quattro (if it ever happens) with the DSG notworthy.gif - sometime late next year I think.

When you get the beast, be sure to come to one of the meets.


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I around ROLLEY~14.GIF but I don't think I can help. Each car is made for a specfic order and it comes down to when the order was placed with the factory. I have no access to the order system so have my hands tied. Once the order is firm then normally the dealer can tie it down to a build date and hence a delivery time.

In your shoes I'd be tempted to hang out for a 2004 registered car anyway.

Sorry I can't be of more help. You can blame fatcat for raising your expectations of me too high! wink.gif

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Thanks for all the info, I'll just have to keep on waiting SLEEP5.GIF

I wasn't expecting it to be too quick as I've ordered a few "extras" including Alcantara and BOSE but it 'aint half dragging...

BTW where abouts are these "meets" is there a site for more info? I bet they are up country somewhere and I'm stuck in lovely but remote Devon.

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