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Which car is this?


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Bloke at work has bought something fruity but won't tell us what it is. Got this out of him so far:

Built in 1995 (N plate), Black, Convertable, Sports type car not particularly mainstream. It won't cost more than £35,000 today. His previous cars have been Morgans and Marlins so he is not into his modern cars at all which rules out Ferarris and the like.

I thought it might be a Viper but am assured it is not. Any ideas?

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I want to like them but the just look like they are trying too hard

[/ QUOTE ]

I think that's pukka. I came this || close to buying one, but then I found out that they're no use as an everyday car, so had to bin that idea.

They are awesome, though - especially the ones with the mustang cobra-R engine in 'em. 4.8 Litre Quad-Cam V8 with a supercharger! Fear the speed! EEK2.GIFgrin.gif

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Finally found out and it was not quite as exciting as I hoped - although still a nice car.

Continuing with the "M" theme then he has bought a Morgan Plus 8 - in black.

I thought he would have been more adventurous and gone for a Marlin or Marcos!

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