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Home cinema beamer and screen


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The end of the year is in sight so I have to start thinking about a present for myself for xmas.

I was thinking to get me a beamer and a remote controlled screen (about 3 metres wide) and the thing should then be connected to a TV tuner and a DVD player.

Except for a beamer here in the office I dont have any experience in this kind of stuff.

I know that some beamers are not really fit for viewing in daylight and I think I sometimes want to watch TV while not sitting in a totally dark room.

I would like your advise on what to buy and what to look at.


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Okay, just checked it out - December's What HiFi? has a group test on "affordable" projectors.

There were two winners (two different price points):

At the bottom end of the market, the (InFocus) Screenplay 4800 came top of the pack and only costs £1200.

The other winner was the SIM2 Domino 20 which is a digital mirror design and costs £3750. If you are thinking of spending this much money, it may be worth waiting a little while as Screenplay are bringing out a projector based on the same chipset used in the SIM2.

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