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What's this car then ?


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he's my ten pence worth, quoted from a website. I knew TWR developed the car etc but i thought it was still actually a jaguar.


In this positive environment, Jaguar decided to release a car to selected customers closely based on the Le Mans winning XJR-9. Jaguar formed a partnership with Tom Walkinshaw Racing and created JaguarSport. On November 15, 1990 a press release announced the creation of the XJR-15. Priced at $1,000,000 each, these cars were made in a strictly limited quantity. A pre-condition of order was that customers agree to enter the cars (using professional drivers only) in a three race series entitled the Jaguar Intercontinental Challenge. The series included races at Monocot, Silverstone, and Spa. Driver's included Davy Jones, Bob Wollek, Derek Warwick, David Brabham, Juan Fangio II, and the series winner Armin Hahne.

The XJR-15 uses the same central monocoque as the XJR-9 designed by Tony Southgate. It is constructed of lightweight composite materials including carbon fiber and Kevlar. XJR-9 suspension was retained all round with fabricated wishbones and horizontally mounted pushrod spring damper units at the front and coil springs at the rear. Four pot AP Racing calipers mounted to disc brakes are housed completely within the wheels to maximize width of venturi tunnels. The engine is a 450 bhp 6 liter alloy, dry sump V12 engine constructed to Group C specification ( Cosworth forged aluminum pistons, forged crank and rods). Fuel is delivered via Zytec electronically controlled, sequential fuel injection. The transmission is a TWR six speed, straight cut transaxle matched to a triple plate carbon AP clutch. The car weighs in at 2,315 lbs. Top speed is 215mph.

[/ QUOTE ]

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