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Anniversary GTIs VS the Amazing R32


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So, with as much detail as you can provide.... How is the comparison between the R32, and the Anniversary GTIs? I know what the mechanical differences are, but I mean overall, which is better, or more or less worth the money, which is the better handling, or which is more mod friendly... ETC ETC... All aspects!

What do you think?

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Anni has a bigger boot.

I think US anni came in nice colour (YELLOW).

Mod friendly I think is totally dependent upon money - for small amounts of money a 1.8T is far more friendly with bigger gains, but to achieve say 300Bhp suddenly becomes a lot more money - bigger turbo, bigger injectors, etc,etc,etc and I would say certainly more than the difference between the Anni and R32 in price.

I prefered the recaro seats in the Anni, and I thought it was better thought out - had same alloy trim as R32, but stitching was matched on seats, seat belts and stuff, so it looked a total package - the R32 does just have a R on the seat.

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I've come from an Anni which I had APR'd 95+98, (and my good friend still has his (RevoSP3)).

In terms of straight line pace, a standard R32 will be beaten, no doubt about it by a modified Anni. BEEN THERE AND DONE IT.

A 270AMD R32 will hold off a modified Anni, but there will not be alot in it (remember we are talking straight line).

The stock R32 is quick, but not that quick - witness 30-70mph in approx 6.5 sec (chipped anni around 6sec), and R32 0-100 in 15-16ish sec (not that quick either).

Coming from a chipped anni, I can say the power is not as strong, nor is it as quick in real world driving.

The 270amd is much much better than stock (so I will be doing this soon) with more power all of the time.

I've got 2 close mates with R32 270amd (i drive alot) and a mate with Anni RevoSP3, and to be honest, my car is the slowest of the bunch!!

BUT - the R32 stock form is about so much more - no point in repeating what u know (sexy exhaust note, handling,grip, seats, etc).

The R32 is on a different level to the Anni, and other modified golfs, so I am more than happy I took the swap. It's most definatly the best mk4 and possibly Golf yet.

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