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Digital Camera recommendations (IXUS 400)


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So my camera has just fecking disapeared... can't find the fecker anywhere so i need to get me a new one.

My only requirements are thats its small, takes good pictures and has a back lit auto focus for those random night time "activity" shots.

So i was thinking about the Canon IXUS 400.... anyone got one? anyone got any better recommendations?

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Hi Bison, I bought a Fugi Finepix F410 about 6 months ago. Its a top little camera and has a capability of 6 million mega pixels, with a 3x optical and 4.4x digital zoom. It has movie mode with sound, 1.5 inch screen, continuous shooting, numerous types of flash, etc. It also uses Xd memory cards. I looked at most the small digital cameras (Minolta, Canon,etc) and IMO this one suited me the best, it seemed like it had the greater capabilities and wouldn't be out dated to soon. The only thing it is slightly bigger than some of the other Digital camers. Hope that helps. beerchug.gif

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What sites did you use ofr your research?

[/ QUOTE ]

I bought a few digital camera magazines, luckily they had reviews on the cameras that I was interested in. I also went on internet sites (Fugi, Minolta, Casio, Canon).

When I went into shops such as Jessops, etc. I knew more about the cameras than the sales assistants!!

Good luck with your decision! beerchug.gifbeerchug.gif

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I bought my camera from Dixons, paid £250 for the camera and £35 for a 128mb Xd memory card. Dixons had a £50 off deal on if you brought in any old camera (I gave them an out of date throw away camera). The camera didn't come with the docking station, thats why the starting price was £300 (you don't really need it, its an extra £50 if you want one) I've still not seen it cheaper anywhere else! Its worth checking whats on offer in these shops!


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i got the canon Ixus 400 Nick.

absolute lovely bit of kit. I upgraded from the ixus 330 before that.

heres a site about it in lots of detail..


for some VERY large high res examples of what it takes look Here... MTM "R"S3


i took all of these, straight off the camera in fully auto mode.

once fully loaded, click the box to veiw ACTUAL size.

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You won't regret it - I bought the Ixus 400 for our holiday to Aus, and we took over 400 photos, all on the highest quality resolution. On the PC they look superb, I've just got to get them on CD so that I can display them on the plasma screen.

I've found the camera is pretty good in auto mode, and rarely change any of the standard settings.

If you need extra media cards, www.expansys.co.uk were pretty cheap when I was looking for digital cards a few months ago.



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try a few manual settings. ie same pic taken twice

if you set it to cloudy, despite what ever the weather....

it will really bring out the colours.

Vibrant also works well.

simple test is just a pic of grass. take the pic in auto. them manual on cloudy....

you will see a difference.

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