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T350C on the open road....


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.. what a beast.

Took him up noorf for some proper roads last weekend. The thing was like a pig in [censored]! it fecking loved it...

I've never owned a car that let you overtake safeley (providing you stay on the roads) when you could see something coming the other way... talk about grin.gif factor!

and for motorway cruising its just wrong... without even dropping it down from 5th 70 > fast is just a scary speed. And then when you push on it in 3rd/4th, its just wrong to see how fast every (most) other car peels away. Makes undertaking far to appealing though when you get the outside/middle lane hogs... course thats just wrong.

Had an interesting race with an M5 as well... that is one FECKING fast car... it stayed with trev well over 3 figures notworthy.gif

Frost with cold tyres is a different story... dung.gif

but trevs been a lil beauty recently... wonder how long it is till it pisses me off again.

Question is do i take the diesel vectra up noorf this weekend... or the trev again?

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Not possible Bis, thats like saying they've done you a great deal where they're paying you £50K a year tax free, they're not allowed to. You could be getting the £50K nett and the company effectively paying the tax by paying you more so you nett the £50K, but you couldn't earn it tax free and you can't have a company car tax free (unless it is ONLY used on company business, and that doesn't include to work and back so the car would have to stay at work and be available for you to use for business trips only).

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shhhhh. Don't speak too loud the IR might here! wink.gif

nah its all legal. fear not.

can we talk about the trev again now?

[/ QUOTE ]

Hmmm...... company car available for private use is a taxable benefit, end of story. znaika.gif

But as you say, moving along! grin.gif

Trev definitely supercar performance, not sure why in my mind it isn't a true supercar really. Maybe not mid engined or Italian or expensive enough..? Odd really.

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yelrotflmao.gif thats me out!!! T350C wannabe supercar.

[/ QUOTE ]

you have only got 360BHP tongue.gifbeerchug.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

not even! (its called the *350* for a reason smile.gif)

but it laffs in the face of your car! tongue.gif

T350 - 340 bhp per ton

M3 E46 - 218 bhp per ton

M3 CSL E46 - 234 bhp per ton

r32 - 160 bhp per ton

Porsche 911 c2 - 234 bhp per ton

Porsche 911 turbo - 272 bhp per ton

Maclaren F1 - 550 bhp per ton (!!!!)

Caterham Seven Superlight R500 - 500 bhp per ton(!!!)

Audi RS6 - 244 bhp per ton

Audi RS4 - 234 bhp per ton

Audi TT 3.2 - 164 bhp per ton

Dodge Viper SRT-10 - 325 per ton

Ford GT40 Mk II (1966) - 463 per ton

Ferrari 575M - 298 bhp per ton

Ferrari Enzo - 483 bhp per ton

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aahah it SOOOO is! i set some sort of speed records this weekend.

I'm not going to say how quickly i managed to get from the leeds m1 >a64 junction to pickering... but trev wasn't scared at all wink.gif even in the wet!

i always do all my top speed testing runs on the malton bypass on the 64... such a great peice of road smile.gif

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