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Who would want to park their Audi beside this heap of dung.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

I am not in anyway defending this Clio, but that has a dimma kit. They can look tasteful on some cars (Pugs, Renault). I would'nt personally buy one though. I know what I am going to do this weekend. I used to live near the Hoover building (A40) and around there was a Nova with the pooist kit ever made. I will try and find it (unless some blind man has nicked it) and snap some shots of this little beaut!

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You want bad cars, you need to check out this site. Some of THE very worst cars anywhere! Don't look if you've just eaten... smashfreakB.gif

Nightmare BMW's

How about this tasteful conversion of a BMW 6 Series (one of my fave modern classics) into a really quite remarkable 8 Series replica. EEK2.GIF


Nice overhangs... smashfreakB.gif

Or howsabout a Honda Accord owned by a wannabe BMW driver? Well if you can't afford the real thing who's going to notice...? lol.gif


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