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New MY2000 A4 Owner Water Leak


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Had my MY2000 A4 TDI about a month now and noticed this morning that the passenger footwell was soaked in water after the weekend's deluge.

I am guessing this is the drain holes under the bonnet blocked, but where are they?

My Audi 'specialist' thinks that it is under the battery, but isn't sure crazy.gif

Looks like I'll have to tackel this one dark evening, so any help on location would be appreciated.

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Drain 'diaphragm' is centrally located below the battery.

You do need to strip down the plastic trim surrounding the battery, but do not need to remove the battery. Simply unbolt the cradle and tilt it, there is then just sufficient room to get your hand in to clear the diaphragm out.

Loads of leaves, twigs and silt clogging it up - now I just have to get the carpets dried out crazy.gif

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